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Breaking World News

Trump sees Comey’s testimony as ‘complete vindication’ — and his fans agree
“President Trump and his allies lashed out at former FBI director James Comey after his congressional testimony on June 9, while some Republican lawmakers had a more measured defense of the president…” (Washington Post)

Sessions won’t testify at congressional budget hearings but at Senate intelligence hearing instead
“Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who had agreed to testify this week before the Senate and House appropriations committees about the Justice Department budget, wrote the chairmen of the committees Saturday and said he was sending his deputy to testify instead…” (Washington Post)

Montreal names Outremont peak for Mohawk nation
“Centuries before people congregated for the tam-tams, to have barbecues or to feed the ducks at Beaver Lake, Mount Royal was a gathering point for the Mohawk nation…” (Montreal Gazette)

Governments to pay $98.2 million to keep Grand Prix in Montreal until 2029
“Mayor Denis Coderre and representatives of the federal and Quebec governments on Friday pledged $98.2 million to a five-year extension of a contract with Formula One owners Liberty Media. The current contract was to expire in 2024…” (Montreal Gazette)

Raqqa: US-backed forces advance in IS ‘capital’
“US-backed Syrian forces have advanced into the western part of so-called Islamic State’s “capital” of Raqqa, they and a monitor report…” (BBC News – Middle East)

Yemen cholera cases pass 100,000 amid ‘unprecedented’ epidemic
“The number of suspected cases of cholera resulting from a severe outbreak in Yemen has passed 100,000, the World Health Organization says…” (BBC News – Middle East)

Meirelles Says Economy Recovers in Brazil Despite Political Turmoil
“SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL – The Brazilian economy continues to show signs of recovery and growth despite the current political turbulence, according to Finance Minister Henrique Meirelles. According to the official Meirelles the markets are “relatively stable”, indicating an expectation of continuity in the evolution of the Brazilian economy…” (The Rio Times)

Brazil Court Dismisses Corruption Case Against President Temer
“RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – The political landscape in Brazil avoided another upheaval yesterday (Friday, June 9th) when the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) voted against the annulment of the Dilma-Temer presidential campaign ticket, which won the 2014 elections…” (The Rio Times)

Theresa May’s plan to govern with DUP support thrown into confusion
“Theresa May’s plan for a loose alliance with the Democratic Unionists to prop up her government was thrown into confusion last night after after the Northern Ireland party contradicted a No 10 announcement that a deal had been reached…” (The Guardian)


Police release images of fake suicide belts from London Bridge
“Police investigating the London Bridge terrorist attack have released images of the fake explosive belts worn by the three perpetrators and which officers believe may suggest the terrorists planned to create a “siege situation”…” (The Guardian)


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PM Picnic, an animated short by Chad McKee Grothkopf (as Chad), 1950

PM Picnic, an animated short by Chad McKee Grothkopf (as Chad), 1950

PM Picnic, 1950

An animated short by Chad McKee Grothkopf (as Chad)

“Mr. Bee spreads the word that there is going to be a ‘PM Picnic’ in the barn latter that evening. He tells everyone in the countryside, from Mr. Bear to Mr. Rabbit, although he does not invite Mr. Tortoise because he’s too slow. This was a promotional film made for PM (Pleasant Moments) Whiskey to promote their new ad campaign, that features animated woodland creatures along with the slogan describing PM Whiskey and it’s ‘Clear, Clean Taste’.” (IMDB)

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President Trump, Iran and ISIS

President Trump’s early morning tweets are often controversial, and riddled with inaccuracies. His recent tweets about Iran are no exception.

In the wake of the latest tragic terrorist attacks in the United Kingdom, the President’s tweets have pointed a shaking finger of admonition at Iran, a country he perceives as an ally and sponsor of terrorists, including ISIS. Ironically, though, the truth is far from that.

Iran, first and foremost, is a Shi’a nation, while ISIS is based on an extreme perversion of Sunni Islam. Effectively they are enemies, for that reason alone.

In addition, Iran has recently suffered through its own terrorist attacks at the hands of ISIS operatives, and has thwarted other attacks from taking place. Iran has also taken military actions against ISIS targets in the recent past.

In the war in Syria, for example, Iran has supported the Syrian government against ISIS. This is a matter of public record.

President Trump often uses his twitter account to fire up his base, spreading poorly vetted information, better described as propaganda, than news.

He also uses strongly worded twitter posts to distract from pressing inconvenient issues, like the Russian election hacking scandal. His tweets about Iran and ISIS fall under these categories.

The press and the American People must both work together to hold President Trump accountable for his statements, including the more outrageous ones. His petty games, denials and accusations do not help.

View Jame’s Comey’s Opening Statement to Senate Intelligence Committee June 8, 2017

View Jame's Comey's Opening Statement to Senate Intelligence Committee June 8, 2017

View Jame’s Comey’s Opening Statement to Senate Intelligence Committee June 8, 2017:

Video: Youtube / “President Trump”

Photo:By United States Senate – Larger version from copy of late 2002 website.Original, smaller version from, Public Domain, Link

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