Reflections on President Trump’s speech before congress

Reflections on President Trump's speech before congress
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Our latest volunteer, Jenny, is a lover of the arts, especially music, a hopeless liberal, existentialist, wife and Mom. Here’s her take on President Trump’s address to congress.


No more “Tweets” or off the cuff remarks at pep rallies. Before a joint session of Congress, members of the Supreme Court, the military and many special guests newly-elected President Donald Trump addressed the nation once again.

He managed to stay on script, read the prompter which contained a more traditional Presidential speech, apparently not written by Steve Bannon, and tried to improve his messaging to the nation. References to recent acts of violence and hate were condemned by the very person whose constant rhetoric of fear and prejudice resonates all across this land and throughout the world to our allies and enemies alike.

President Trump promised “to make America great again” by lifting up coal miners, by bringing back American companies from abroad, by increasing military spending, all the while cutting taxes for all, cutting regulations for clean water and air, and by reducing funding for discretionary spending meant to aid ordinary citizens. Apparently his vision involves an immediate war to eliminate ISIS with increased involvement of American troops, less use of diplomacy and the state department, less foreign aid and a trade war.

His demeanor may have seemed more Presidential to some, but his cabinent appointments of billionaires, bankers and boors and his many highly-mannered executive actions belie this perception. President Trump exploited a grieving military widow to cover up his lack of experience, knowledge and focus as our Commander-In-Chief!

Trump, now our leader in a complex world, may me wish he has real expertise. He appears to have no real interest in or knowledge of history and culture, and no empathy for the opinions of informed persons who disagree with him, nor does he have a moral core. For me he remains a pushy used-car salesman, and I’m not ready even after this last speech, to buy “That Lemon” he’s currently selling.

And why NO MENTION of Russia?


Photo: See page for author, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons


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