Ancient skeleton mosaic entreats us to enjoy life


A 2,400-year-old mosaic featuring a reclining skeleton entreats viewers, originally in the dining room of a wealthy Graeco-Roman home near the Turkish-Syrian border, to “be cheerful, enjoy your life.” Skeleton motifs were popular in the ancient world, and one was also found in the ruins of Pompeii.

It’s unlikely that the ancient people who commissioned this piece of art found it frightening. Perhaps it served as an entertaining, though also sobering, memento mori, reminding them that life is short?

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Photo: Science Alert / Andalou Agency

Bill Nye on Climate Change and Politics

Bill-Nye on the politics of climate change

Bill Nye, the Cornell-trained engineer and beloved popularizer of Science, gets serious about climate change, and the politics that exacerbate the problem, endangering our planet.

The science educator doesn’t mince words. He sites climate change denial as a serious issue, spear-headed by big-name republican politicians, especially the three Republican Candidates currently running for President. Nye believes climate change is now a partisan issue because the conservatives readily accept money from the fossil fuel industry.

And since politics is all about survival, Nye feels millennial voters are key to changing the status quo: to garner their votes conservatives may change their tune regarding climate change in years to come.

Bill Nye rose to fame as the host of the popular television show “Bill Nye the Science Guy.” He continues to further his career in science education as the current head of The Planetary Society.

Learn more about Bill Nye’s thoughts on the politics of climate change (CNN)
Photo: CNN (screen capture)

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