Make Mine Freedom, a film by Joseph Barbera, William Hanna, 1948

Make Mine Freedom, a film by Joseph Barbera, WIlliam Hanna, 1948

Make Mine Freedom, 1948

A film by Joseph Barbera, William Hanna

“A snake oil salesman try to sell the American people ‘happiness’, exchange for their freedom, while one man stand up, against him.” (IMDB)

Stars: Billy Bletcher, John Hiestand, Frank Nelson

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Kavanaugh Hearing: Fiasco!

The Senate hearing to investigate Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s alleged sexual assault of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford was a great disappointment and bordered on farce. While Dr. Ford’s comportment was dignified, and she seemed to do her best to answer questions in a direct, helpful and open way, despite the great difficulty of the subject matter at hand, Judge Kavanaugh was frequently evasive, arrogant and combative during his testimony. In fact, his combative manner mimicked that of President Trump, known to launch into attack mode when challenged.

The fiasco was reminiscent of the Clarence Thomas / Anita Hill hearings, which polarized the nation 25 years ago. Thomas was also belligerent and angry, and decried the hearing by calling it a “high tech lynching,” in a histrionic slam that’s now infamous. It’s interesting to note that Kavanaugh, who mocked some democratic Senators by asking them their own questions in a mocking tone, apparently took a page from Clarence Thomas’s playbook in this regard.

Kavanaugh went as far as to invoke ridiculous conspiracy theories about political payback from Clinton supporters to explain away the allegations, which he vociferously denied, but offered no evidence to back up these outrageous claims. This extreme behavior, undignified for a high ranking justice, is also oddly reminiscent of a President Trump’s modus operandi.

During the entire process, which took the entire day, the Senate’s republican leadership seemed more interested in presenting the illusion of due process while rushing towards a confirmation vote (still scheduled for tomorrow despite strong objections from democrats, who repeatedly called for an FBI investigation of the allegations of sexual assault, only to be ignored.)

It appears that Judge Kavanaugh will likely prevail after the vote and join the Supreme Court: Republicans, who control the Senate, simply outnumber Democrats. But what kind of justice will he be? Even without considering the sexual assault allegation, the hearing exposed a serious character flaw: a tendency to evade and obfuscate the truth, like his denials of extensive teenaged drunkenness despite evidence to the contrary. Will the aggressive, belligerent manner he demonstrated during this hearing materialize during heated deliberations in the Supreme Court, the natiion’s highest deliberative body?




Join the Factory Farm Detox!

This in from the ASPCA:

Feeling hopeless about animal cruelty, pollution and injustices occurring on factory farms? Here’s a way to make a real difference: the ASPCA’s Factory Farm Detox.

Spend 7 days—Sept. 24-30, 2018—free of factory farmed foods! It’s easy:

Meat, eggs or dairy from animals raised on factory farms. This means caged, crowded, lacking access to the outdoors and worse.
Meat, eggs and dairy produced on welfare-certified farms, as well as all plant-based meat and dairy alternatives.
Join our weeklong Factory Farm Detox and we’ll send you daily emails with inspiration and resources—including exclusive, tasty recipes from favorite chefs and bloggers. We’ll help you understand food labels (both good and bad) and find higher-welfare products where you shop.

Mighty Mouse: Wolf! Wolf!, a film by Eddie Donnelly, 1945

Mighty Mouse: Wolf! Wolf!, a film by Eddie Donnelly, 1945

Mighty Mouse and the Wolf, 1945

A film by Eddie Donnelly

America’s most heroic rodent, Mighty Mouse, comes to the rescue when innocent Little Bo Peep and her adorable flock of fluffy sheep are chastised by a pack of clever, ravenous wolves, looking for trouble. They’ve found it!

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War Babies, starring Shirley Temple, 1932

War Babies, starring Shirley Temple, 1932

War Babies, 1932

A film by Charles Lamont

The adorable Shirley Temple stars in this classic “Baby Burlesque” short, in which adult movies are satired by young children. Expect singing, dancing, and a romantic triangle in this cute comedy. They don’t make ’em like this one any more, that’s for sure. (Browse our Movie Archive)

It’s Alive!, a film by Larry Buchanan, 1969

It's Alive!, a film by Larry Buchanan, 1969

It’s Alive!, 1969

A film by Larry Buchanan

“In this sci-fi film a loony farmer finds a prehistoric monster hiding in a cavern on his land. To feed his newest critter, the farmer kidnaps three people. The three desperately try to escape and finally, one of them succeeds.” (IMDB)

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