Coronavirus: symptoms and seeking help? The CDC Website

“With the novel coronavirus continuing to spread around the globe, health experts are emphasizing the importance of seeking medical advice if you notice any symptoms—by calling 811 (911 in the US) or your local health professional first before going to a clinic or hospital…” (Yahoo News)

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Also, the management of Face Activities asks you to reconsider the elbow bump as a greeting during these trying times. Though it’s suggested as an alternative to the handshake to minimize physical contact, you must still make physical contact and stand too close (within the recommended three foot safety margin.)

Instead, we recommend making a gesture that suggests the idea of a handshake or sincere greeting, but without the proximity or physical contact of the elbow bump. Perhaps clasping both of your hands to mimic a hand shake, or bowing with palms together, as is a tradition in India?

What ever you choose, keep up frequent hand washing, and social distancing. We wish you health and happiness in these challenging times.

The The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website has an enormous amount of important information on the Coronavirus outbreak, and how to stay as safe and healthy as possible. We recommend visiting and taking a look.

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Bill Gates says the coronavirus is a pandemic and a ‘once-in-a-century pathogen.’ Here are the solutions he’s proposing to fight it.

Bill Gates has warned for years that the world is not ready for a deadly pandemic…” (, Yahoo News)

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Article Written by Aria Bendix

Photo: Public Domain, U.S. Department of Energy

How Long Can Coronavirus Live On Surfaces, And Does Disinfecting Work?

“When it comes to the new coronavirus going around (aka COVID-19), good hygiene seems to be our best line of defense. Because the virus has only been on our radar for a couple of months, we don’t have a preventive vaccine yet, nor do we have an effective way to treat the respiratory illness the virus causes. And though researchers are getting close to putting potential vaccines to the test, it’ll likely be about a year before they’re ready for us…” (Huff Post Life, Yahoo News)

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Article by Julia Ries

Photo: Public Domain CDC image