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Hurricane Irma

The management team of Face Activities extends our best wishes to all weathering hurricane Irma in Florida, and all who have faced hardships where ever Irma made landfall.

Hurricane Irma is losing steam, diminishing slowly as it makes its way over the Florida peninsula. But it was a fierce category 5 hurricane throughout the Caribbean, causing massive damage to many islands.

Read about the power of Irma (Science Alert)

Photo: NASA image

Hurricane Harvey caused massive flooding in Texas

The management team of Face Activities extends our best wishes to the people of Texas, experiencing massive flooding in the greater Houston area in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

Harvey made land fall as a category 4 storm, and stalled, as a tropical storm, over the region, causing massive flooding. Many neighborhoods of Houston, thought to be flood-resistant, are now inundated. Residents of nursing homes sit in water waiting for rescue.

Home-owners have chopped holes in their roofs with axes in order to climb up to safety. As emergency services struggle to rescue people and their pets, volunteers with flat-bottomed fishing boats are helping with the rescues.

Houston’s water management infrastructure was overwhelmed under nearly unprecedented circumstances reminiscent of the Galvaston Hurricane of 1900. Though some flooding was expected, a disaster of this magnitude was not anticipated, and the local government had not issued an evacuation order.

Continued rain and worsening flooding is expected over the next three days, as the rescue efforts escalate. So far the loss of life has been quite low, despite enormous property damage throughout the greater Houston area. However, as flood waters rise, the death toll will likely increase.

Photo & Video: KPRC / YouTube screen capture

Comedian and philanthropist Jerry Lewis dies at 91

Over the weekend comedian Jerry Lewis, best known for his comic partnership with legendary crooner Dean Martin, and for his charitable work to fight muscular dystrophy, died at 91.

Lewis’s zany, slapstick antics contrasted well with Martin’s suave, stylish persona—-a classic clown / straight-man scenario. The duo was immensely popular with audiences, appearing in both movies and Las Vegas stage acts, delighting millions over the years.

Every labor-day weekend for decades Lewis hosted a long-running television telethon to raise money for medical research to fight muscular dystrophy, a devastating genetic disease. The popular event featured entertainment, updates on medical research, and moving appeals to the public for financial help.

In his later years Lewis faced a number of serious health challenges, and developed a more reclusive lifestyle.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons public domain

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