Happy Mother’s Day!


Face Activities extends a Happy Mother’s Day Greeting to all our members and their mothers, around the world! Millions of us will gather with our families to celebrate the most important person in the world–Mom!

There are as many ways to celebrate the day as there are mothers, of course. Traditionally a nice breakfast, or brunch, is followed by a card, along with a cake, flowers and gifts, and fun activities and outings throughout the day. And for many, religious observances are part of the celebration. There have been many celebrations of mothers and motherhood throughout human history, dating back to the ancient world, but the modern holiday of Mother’s day is a relatively new tradition.

The holiday now has a strong commercial side, but the original founder, Anna Jarvis, strongly rejected the growing commercialization around Mother’s Day that she observed in her lifetime. A peace activist during the American Civil War, she had campaigned for a holiday to honor and celebrate mothers since 1905, following the death of her own mother.

Jarvis celebrated the first Mother’s Day in 1908, as a memorial to her own mother, in West Virginia. Thanks to her efforts, by 1910 West Virginia had adopted the day as a state holiday, and by 1914 President Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation, setting the date for the national holiday we know today. The holiday eventually went international and is now celebrated all over the world.

As the holiday gained popularity, Jarvis maintained that hand written notes to mothers, rather than store bought greeting cards, expressed the proper holiday sentiment, and she organized protests and boycotts against greeting card companies, called for law suits, and even went as far as protesting a candy convention and a meeting of a War Mother’s group, where she was arrested for disturbing the peace. She was most definitely passionate about the holiday she founded, perhaps to the point of extremism.

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President Trump announces withdrawal from Iran nuclear deal

President Trump announces the withdrawal of the United States from the Iran nuclear deal, without a “plan B” to fall back on, despite protests from France, Germany and other allies.

The President’s decision has been widely criticized in the press, and international circles, for its potentially destabilizing effect on the region, and is feared to threaten the power-base of Iran’s political moderates.

Photo & Video: Youtube / NowThis World

The 2018 White House Correspondents Association Dinner


The tradition continues with this classic Roast of the Washington Elite by the press. Comedienne Michelle Wolf, known for her work on “The Daily Show,” will headline tonight’s event.

For the second year in a row, President Trump will not attend, despite a long standing tradition of Presidential participation. Watch the event live:

Video: Washington Post / YouTube

Photo: Washington Post / YouTube

Former First Lady Barbara Bush dies at 92

Barbara Bush dies at 92

Former First Lady Barbara Bush, a pillar of strength, dignity and class, has died at home, of natural causes, at 92.

During her White House years she passionately championed the cause of literacy, winning the respect and admiration of many from both sides of the political divide, and the international community.

Known affectionately as “The Enforcer” to her beloved family members for her exacting standards, she is survived by her husband, Former President Herbert Walker Bush, and her many children and grand children, including Former Governor Jeb Bush, and Former President George Walker Bush.

She was the only First Lady in American History to live to see one of her children elected to the office of the Presidency (Abigail Adams, a close second, died before her son, John Quincy Adams, won the Presidency.)

Watch this tribute to the Former First Lady:


Video: MSNBC / Youtube

Photo: Cropped – By White House Photo Office, courtesy George Bush Presidential Library and Museum [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


Boston Marathon: American Woman Wins! First time in years

Boston Marathon 2018

Historic News in Boston Massachusetts! In a sport dominated by top African runners for decades, an American woman has won the women’s race for the first time since 1985. Linden is a two time Olympian and the 2011 Boston marathon runner up. Her time was 2 hours, 39 minutes and 54 seconds.

Inclement weather made for a challenging and uncomfortable race, as runners contended with a cold rain, low temperatures, and an exceedingly strong headwind.

In the men’s race, Yuki Kawauchi, a government employee in Japan, won the race with a time of 2:15:58. Kawauchi is a world record-holding runner who holds actually holds the record for the most races run under 2 hours and 20 minutes.

In the wheel chair race, Marcel Hug of Switzerland won again, with a time of 1:46:26. Hug has won the title for the past three years (last year he broke the course record, with a personal best.)

Learn more about the 2018 Boston Marathon (Deadspin.com)

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Unarmed black men shot by police, triggering outrage and protests

unarmed black men shot by police

Tragedy strikes in New York as police shoot and kill Saheed Vassell, an unarmed, mentally ill African American man who held a metal pipe they mistook for a gun.

This terrible incident comes only a few weeks after police in Sacramento, California killed Stephon Clark, another unarmed black man, in his grandmother’s back yard: similarly his cell phone was mistaken for a gun. It’s estimated that police fired 20 rounds at the Clark, and a private autopsy conducted by the victim’s family found that he was struck eight times, twice in the side and six times in the back.

These tragic deaths have angered people across the nation, triggering protests by concerned citizens and activists. They are the latest in a long line of police killings of young black men over the last few years, including Freddie Gray, Eric Garner, Walter Scott, and Michael Brown.

Statistically African American men are much more likely to be be killed by police than white men: in 2016, 6.7 black men per million residents were killed by police, compared to 2.9 white men per million. The numbers are even worse for Native American men: 10.1 are killed per million.

This is a terrible epidemic and a blight on our society. African Americans consistently report unfair treatment by law enforcement officers across the nation. The situation is grave, and the health and safety of young black men and boys is at great risk. Good citizens must stand up and take action, calling upon their elected government representatives at every level, from local, through state and the federal branches, to stave this unacceptable trend.

Clearly the will of congress, and President Trump, to affect change is lacking. But much can be achieved at the local and state levels, regardless of federal paralysis. Solidarity, empathy and a willingness to act are necessary, now more than ever.

It’s very important to talk about this issue. Write blog articles, post on social media, sign petitions, and call your congressman and state representatives. Also, discuss the crisis with your children at an age-appropriate level, and others in your community. Most important of all, vote for politicians who take this emergency seriously and are willing to act to end the violence. The people have the power to reverse this dark trend.

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Photo: By The All-Nite Images [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The Significance of Easter

Significance of Easter

The management team of Face Activities wishes our members and visitors, and their families, a very Happy Easter!

Easter is the most important holiday in Christianity. It’s celebrated by 2.2 billion Christians world-wide. Traditional Christians worship the divinity of Jesus, and Easter Sunday is the day, according to the Bible, when Jesus rose from the dead, revealing himself to be a divine figure. Easter, at its essence, actually defines Christianity.

Easter is the culmination of “holy week,” including many religious events. Most well known are Palm Sunday (a celebratory day) commemorating when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey (a symbol representing a peaceful King) and Good Friday (a day of fasting and penance), commemorating his crucifixion and death at the hands of the Romans. The joyful holiday of Easter, commemorating his Resurrection, caps the holy week with an exuberant feast.

As with Christmas and other Christian holidays, many pagan elements have worked their way into modern Easter celebrations. This blending of traditions was encouraged by the early church, which sought to incorporate diverse religious and cultural groups into the religion by adopting and repurposing the ancient religious holidays and culturally specific imagery of these groups. For this reason rabbits and eggs, which were common pagan fertility symbols throughout Europe, have their place in the modern holiday.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Zeppelin vs. Pterodactyls: The Lost Cartoon, an animated short by Bob Northrup, 1942


Zeppelin vs. Pterodactyls: The Lost Cartoon, 1942

An animated short by Bob Northrup

“A rare collaboration between Fleischer Studios and Ub Iwerks resulted in this cartoon, based on the moderately successful Republic Pictures “Zeppelin vs. Pterodactyls” cliffhanger serials. The cartoon was shelved for half a century due to a three way legal dispute between Republic, Fleischer and Iwerks….”

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March for our lives: students march against gun violence

March for our lives

The March for Our Lives event to protest gun violence in the schools, and society at large, will sweep the nation tomorrow (Saturday, March 24) and extend internationally.

In addition to a massive protest in Washington, D.C., which some predict will draw 500,000 students and protesters to the capital, there are 600 local marches and events planned all across the U.S., totaling 800 world-wide, especially in Europe.

IMPORTANT: To search for a march near you, click here. 

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Students and concerned citizens who can’t attend the event in Washington, D.C. are encouraged to attend one of the local marches to make their voices heard. In fact, to show support for the cause, the popular ride-sharing app Lyft is offering free rides is offering free rides to students in 50 cities to attend the marches.

Students from Florida’s Stoneman Douglas High School will lead the march in Washington. Last month they suffered the loss of 17 peers when a deranged 18-year-old gunman opened fire with an AR-15 rifle on their campus. These students have surprised the nation by taking passionate leadership roles in the anti-gun violence movement since enduring those tragic events.

The marches are peaceful protests planned to encourage kids and their families to take a stand against gun violence, and for reasonable gun control laws. Like last year’s well-attended Women’s Marches following President Trump’s controversial election, the March for Our Lives events will feature a unique symbol: The image of a large eye painted on hands and gloves. It’s intended purpose is to remind law-makers that the people are watching. For the Women’s Watch the symbol was the ubiquitous “pink pussy hat.” The same artist / activist was involved in the development of both symbols.

For more information, enjoy this article from Mashable: everything you need to know about the March for our lives


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The Stupidstitious Cat (Noveltoon), an animated short by Seymore Kneitel, 1946

The Stupidstitious Cat (Noveltoon), an animated short by by Seymore Kneitel, 1946

The Stupidstitious Cat (Noveltoon), 1946

An animated short by by Seymore Kneitel

“A very stupid and superstitious cat awakens and goes through his usual gyrations of ensuring he will not have an unlucky day, making sure he get out of the right side of the bed and other rituals, and then starts his search for breakfast. He captures Buzzy the Crow, places him between two slices of bread and prepares to eat him. But Buzzy, smarter than the average crow…” (IMDB)

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