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Happy Thanksgiving! What’s the history of this traditional holiday?

History of Thanksgiving

The management team of Face Activities wishes a Happy Thanksgiving to all of our members who celebrate this traditional American Holiday! We hope you enjoy a joyful, bountiful holiday with friends and family.


Learn about the history of the American Thanksgiving Holiday (History Channel / Youtube)

Millions of Americans will travel to sit down with family members across the land for a grand feast, typically comprising turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, and much more. But what is the history of this very American holiday?

Photo: By Glen Edelson from ATLANTA, USA – Turkey Time, CC BY 2.0, Link

Sobaka, a film by Nicholas Mah, 2008

Sobaka, 2008

Sobaka, 2008

A film by Nicholas Mah

“SOBAKA is the thrilling story of a lonely Russian immigrant trying to find the “American dream” in present day Los Angeles. To provide care for his dying sister he works as an assistant to a mysterious and dangerous man, but his desire to achieve something more takes him down a dark and risky path. When a seductive call girl enters his life his world is thrown upside down and the choices he makes may have deadly consequences.” (IMDB)

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Little Shop of Horrors, a film by Roger Corman, 1960

Little Shop of Horrors, 1960

A film by Roger Corman

A mild-mannered shop assistant struggling with issues of unrequited love nurtures a tiny carnivorous plant into a giant man-killing monster, in this comedy classic. Jack Nicholson makes his screen debut as a young masochistic dental patient. (Browse our Movie Archive)

PM Picnic, an animated short by Chad McKee Grothkopf (as Chad), 1950

PM Picnic, an animated short by Chad McKee Grothkopf (as Chad), 1950

PM Picnic, 1950

An animated short by Chad McKee Grothkopf (as Chad)

“Mr. Bee spreads the word that there is going to be a ‘PM Picnic’ in the barn latter that evening. He tells everyone in the countryside, from Mr. Bear to Mr. Rabbit, although he does not invite Mr. Tortoise because he’s too slow. This was a promotional film made for PM (Pleasant Moments) Whiskey to promote their new ad campaign, that features animated woodland creatures along with the slogan describing PM Whiskey and it’s ‘Clear, Clean Taste’.” (IMDB)

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Have you got any castles, an animated short by Frank Tashlin, Friz Freleng (uncredited), 1938

Have you got any castles, an animated short by Frank Tashlin, Friz Freleng (uncredited), 1938

Have you got any castles, 1938

An animated short by Frank Tashlin, Friz Freleng (uncredited)

“Another entry in the “books come alive” subgenre, with possibly more books coming alive than any other. We begin with some musical numbers, notably the various pages of Green Pastures all joining in on a song, The Thin Man entering The White House Cookbook and exiting much fatter, and The House of Seven (Clark) Gables singing backup to Old King Cole. The Three Musketeers break loose, become Three Men on a Horse, grab the Seven Keys to Baldpate, and set the Prisoner of Zenda free…” (IMDB)

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