President Trump, Iran and ISIS

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President Trump’s early morning tweets are often controversial, and riddled with inaccuracies. His recent tweets about Iran are no exception.

In the wake of the latest tragic terrorist attacks in the United Kingdom, the President’s tweets have pointed a shaking finger of admonition at Iran, a country he perceives as an ally and sponsor of terrorists, including ISIS. Ironically, though, the truth is far from that.

Iran, first and foremost, is a Shi’a nation, while ISIS is based on an extreme perversion of Sunni Islam. Effectively they are enemies, for that reason alone.

In addition, Iran has recently suffered through its own terrorist attacks at the hands of ISIS operatives, and has thwarted other attacks from taking place. Iran has also taken military actions against ISIS targets in the recent past.

In the war in Syria, for example, Iran has supported the Syrian government against ISIS. This is a matter of public record.

President Trump often uses his twitter account to fire up his base, spreading poorly vetted information, better described as propaganda, than news.

He also uses strongly worded twitter posts to distract from pressing inconvenient issues, like the Russian election hacking scandal. His tweets about Iran and ISIS fall under these categories.

The press and the American People must both work together to hold President Trump accountable for his statements, including the more outrageous ones. His petty games, denials and accusations do not help.

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