Curse of Bigfoot, a film by Dave Flocker (as Don Fields), 1975

Curse of Bigfoot, a film by Dave Flocker (as Don Fields), 1975

Curse of Bigfoot, 1975

A film by Dave Flocker (as Don Fields)

Bigfoot, a primitive beast that evolved in an earlier epoch, survives into the modern age, and endangers young people in the wilderness. Originally known as “Teenagers Battle the Thing,” this low-budget horror movie features a number of scenes added many years following the original production.

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Mighty Mouse: Wolf! Wolf!, a film by Eddie Donnelly, 1945

Mighty Mouse: Wolf! Wolf!, a film by Eddie Donnelly, 1945

Mighty Mouse and the Wolf, 1945

A film by Eddie Donnelly

America’s most heroic rodent, Mighty Mouse, comes to the rescue when innocent Little Bo Peep and her adorable flock of fluffy sheep are chastised by a pack of clever, ravenous wolves, looking for trouble. They’ve found it!

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Snow Foolin’, an animated short by Izzy Sparber (as I. Sparber), 1949

Snow Foolin', an animated short by Izzy Sparber (as I. Sparber), 1949

Snow Foolin’, 1949

An animated short by Izzy Sparber (as I. Sparber)

“Various animals prepare for winter and enjoy a variety of winter sports. A hen invites us to follow her bouncing egg and sing along to Jingle Bells. Finally, a turtle dispenses hot coffee to a bird on her nest.” (

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Breaking World News

Breaking World News

Leftwing Democrats say Jon Ossoff loss shows ‘massive failure’ of party’s elites
“Progressives have branded Jon Ossoff’s loss in Georgia’s special congressional election a “massive failure” for establishment Democrats that illustrates the need for leftwing candidates in the 2018 midterms…” (The Guardian)

Russia cancels talks after US imposes new sanctions over Ukraine conflict
“Russia has canceled a planned round of talks with the US in protest at new sanctions imposed this week over Moscow’s military intervention in Ukraine…” (The Guardian)

Kensington and Chelsea chief steps down after pressure from Sajid Javid
“The chief executive of Kensington and Chelsea council, Nicholas Holgate, has resigned after being asked to do so by the communities secretary, Sajid Javid. In a statement Holgate said that Javid “required the leader of the council to seek my resignation”.’
(The Guardian)

Finsbury Park attack suspect was probably ‘self-radicalised’
“The suspect in the Finsbury Park terrorist attack is believed to have been self-radicalised into his extremist hatred of Muslims, it is understood…” (The Guardian)

Chinese songs of dignity
‘Music is our voice to Chinese society. The voices of migrant workers are rarely heard’, says Cheng, a rock bandleader and activist. We met in the backroom of a small shop in a suburb of Shenzhen, China’s manufacturing metropolis…” (Le Monde diplomatique)

France and Iran, two years after the nuclear deal
“Nearly Two years have passed since Iran and the major world powers reached a diplomatic agreement in Vienna over the Islamic Republic’s deeply disputed nuclear activity…” (Le Monde diplomatique)

Communist parties of China, Cuba pledge to enhance ties
“BEIJING, June 21 (Xinhua) — The Communist parties of China and Cuba pledged to strengthen ties as senior officials met on Wednesday…” (XINHUANET)
IS militants blow up Mosul’s historical al-Nuri mosque
“MOSUL, Iraq, June 21 (Xinhua) — The extremist Islamic State (IS) militants have blown up Mosul’s historical al-Nuri mosque and its leaning minaret, as Iraqi forces are pushing near the Mosque area in the western side of Mosul, the Iraqi military said…” (XINHUANET)

Hanson under fire over disabled kids comments
“A LABOR MP who has an autistic child has ripped into Pauline Hanson over her suggestion that children with autism spectrum disorder be removed from mainstream classrooms…” (

Victoria bus collision leaves one dead, 14 injured
“A SMASH between a bus and taxi in regional Victoria has left one woman is dead and 14 people injured…” (


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The Boy in the Plastic Bubble, starring John Travolta, 1976

The Boy in the Plastic Bubble, 1976

The Boy in the Plastic Bubble, 1976

A film by Randal Kleiser

The highly dramatized true story of Tod Lubitch, portrayed by John Travolta, who is forced to live his life in a protected, germ-free environment in his parents home, due to a malfunctioning immune system. (Browse our Movie Archive)

Driller Killer-Uncut, a film by Abel Ferrara, 1979

Driller Killer-Uncut, a film by Abel Ferrara, 1979

Driller Killer-Uncut, 1979

A film by Abel Ferrara

“An artist slowly goes insane while struggling to pay his bills, work on his paintings, and care for his two female roommates, which leads him taking to the streets of New York after dark and randomly killing derelicts with a power drill.” (IMDB)

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Terrorist attack on London Mosque

The Management Team of Face Activities offers our condolences to the victims of the recent Terrorist Attack in North London, and their families. Whether this is a misplaced revenge attack for earlier terrorist attacks in the UK, or an ISIS-inspired action, it is a criminal act that we condemn.


The Mayor of London has called the recent violence at a North London Mosque “an horrific terrorist attack.”

Police are still investigating the incident, in which a man in a white van (and possibly two other passengers) drove into the crowd exiting an early morning prayer service at their Mosque. The attack, which has terrorized the Muslim community, occurred during the last week of Ramadan, one of Islam’s holiest times.

One pedestrian was killed and several more were injured. One suspect was held by civilians at the scene while attempting to exit the vehicle, and is now in police custody.

Learn about London Mosque Attack (CNN)



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