Watch Victory Parade of New England Patriots – 11 AM Tuesday, February 7th

Watch Victory Parade of New England Patriots - 11 AM Tuesday, February 7th
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New England Patriots fans are massing for a gigantic parade and celebration to honor the champions of historic Super Bowl LI. The festivities start at 11 AM, Tuesday, February 7th.

This is the 5th Super Bowl the Patriots have won during quarterback Tom Brady’s career, and the 4th time that Brady has won the coveted Super Bowl most valuable player award, which occurred the day after the game, in Texas.

The festivities today are expected to be a grand show, despite some inclement weather in the Boston area. Many MBTA parking lots are full and extra trains are in service to accommodate the crush of fans expected to travel by public transportation to positions along the parade route.

Sunday’s big game was quite an historic event. It was the first Super Bowl to go into over time, with the Patriots and Falcons tied at 28 points. Also, at half-time the score was 28 – 3 (Falcons) so the amazing come-from-behind finish meant the Patriots had to make up an extraordinary 25 points. The most a Super Bowl victor had made up in the past was 10, making for another historic sports first.

Watch Patriots Victory Parade Live (CBS Boston)


Photo: By SAB0TEUR (New England Patriots grand entrance) CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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