Trump’s new VP Pick: why?

Obama picks Mike Pence as VP--why?
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The choice of Trump’s new running mate, Indiana Governor Mike Pence, seems surprising to many. In fact, Pence appears to be the antithesis of Trump.  He’s a Washington insider with solid conservative, republican credentials. He also has years of experience in politics, including Congress and the governor’s mansion as well.

But that may very well be exactly what the doctor ordered. Trump is frequently criticized for being hard to pin down on the issues, and many point to his flashy New York past, suggesting he’s not a true conservative. Remember Ted Cruz’s “New York values” criticisms from earlier in the campaign? Trump is still a wild card, which is most appealing to independents tired of Washington gridlock, but an unpleasant conundrum both for more traditional voters, and republican party apparatchiks alike.

Pence, on the other hand, is stable, reliable, experienced, and favorable both to conservative voters, and the GOP establishment. Though conservative positions on LGBT matters concern progressive voters, they are just what traditional social conservatives are looking for in a candidate, and add a touch of conservative authenticity to the Trump ticket.

Learn how Governor Pence may help Trump as his running mate (Washington Post)


Photo: U.S. Government Photo, wikimedia commons

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