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Analysis: A revelation unlike any other in the Russia investigation
“There have been other moments in the lengthy investigation of Russian government interference in the 2016 president election that have registered on the legal and political Richter scales, but none with the power and explosiveness of the email chain involving Donald Trump Jr. that became public Tuesday…” (Chicago Tribune)

Activists demand resignation of Palos Township trustee following Facebook posts
More than 100 activists rallied outside Palos Township offices Monday night to condemn a trustee’s comments on Middle Eastern students as hateful and demand her immediate resignation…” (Chicago Tribune)

Digital Reconstruction Reveals Face and Body of Ancient Peruvian High Priestess
“More than 1,700 years after her lavishly garbed, mummified body was ceremonially buried by the Moche in a royal tomb on Peru’s northern coast, officials on Tuesday revealed to the world a forensic recreation of the High Priestess of the Huaca Cao…” (Peruvian Times)

Pope Francis to Visit Peru in January 2018
“Pope Francis is to visit Peru and Chile at the beginning of next year, according to an announcement issued at the Vatican on Monday…” (Peruvian Times)

US and Qatar sign deal on fighting terrorism
“Qatar and the United States have signed an agreement to help combat “terrorism financing” during a visit to Doha by US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson…” (Al Jazeera)

The Yazidi men left behind: ‘ISIL destroyed us’
“Yazidi men whose wives and children were abducted by ISIL are struggling to cope with the uncertainty of their fates…” (Al Jazeera)

Palio di Siena: Tornasol, the horse that refused to run
“Tornasol” was one of the favourites but was too agitated to run, forcing the Tartuca “contrada” to pull out. The horse has already become an idol on social media…” (Corriere Della Sera)

Mystery resignation amid fears of new Vatileaks scandal
“Libero Milone, the first Auditor General of the Vatican accounts, has unexpectedly resigned, possibly due to friction with the Vatican’s economic affairs commission APSA. Indiscretions from sources close to the Pope suggest he was considered the “wrong man for the job”…” (Corriere Della Sera)

As Mt. Gox trial opens in Tokyo, head of bankrupt bitcoin exchange denies embezzlement
“The head of Mt. Gox, once the world’s largest exchange for bitcoin digital currency, denied embezzling hundreds of millions of yen from its customers as his trial began Tuesday in Tokyo…” (The Japan Times)

EU free trade deal likely to hurt Japan’s dairy farmers, wineries“The economic partnership agreement between the European Union and Japan comes as a corrective to the rising wave of protectionism in the United States and Britain but could deal a blow to Japanese dairy farmers and wineries, experts say…” (The Japan Times)

Generous people live happier lives
“Generosity makes people happier, even if they are only a little generous. People who act solely out of self-interest are less happy. Merely promising to be more generous is enough to trigger a change in our brains that makes us happier. This is what UZH neuroeconomists found in a recent study. (Science Daily)

Drinking coffee could lead to a longer life, scientist says
“Here’s another reason to start the day with a cup of joe: Scientists have found that people who drink coffee appear to live longer…” (Science Daily)


Photo: By Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America (Donald Trump, Jr.) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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