Sean Spicer Press Conference over Michael Flynn resignation

Sean Spicer Press Conference over Michael Flynn resignation
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Sean Spicer holds a press conference to discuss the resignation of Michael Flynn, President Trump’s National Security Adviser, who has an impressive resume, but has transgressed. Flynn secretly discussed sanctions with the Russians, but didn’t report his activities accurately to the administration. This has serious national security ramifications for the United States. His actions appear deceptive at best, from those looking on in from the outside, and may be criminal.

At first the republican controlled congress held its tongue, refusing to launch an investigation into the precise content of Flynn’s talk with Putin’s Russia, which outraged Democrats. It’s hard to imagine an apparent transgression like this in President Obama’s administration that wouldn’t have been met with harsh republican criticism and a full, official investigation by congress.

However, in an apparent change of heart, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said that it’s “highly likely” the Senate will investigate Putin’s talks with Russia. Clearly a fair, thorough, bi partisan investigation is what’s called for to maintain the highest standards of government. Only the worst partisan hacks could disagree.

The press has many questions about how much President Trump knew, and when. Many believe Flynn’s actions violated the law. This is another scandal for the fledgling Trump administration, coming on the heals of numerous gaffs and failures spotlighted in the press over the last three weeks.

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