Watch Heroic Two-Year-Old Saves Twin Brother!

Watch Heroic Two-Year-Old Saves Twin Brother!
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These adorable twins were in danger when they decided to climb on their furniture. Climbing on unsecured furniture is a leading cause of accidental injury and death among very small children. Their bureau fell over on top of one of the boys, but his quick-acting brother calmly assesses the situation, and after some trial and error, figures out how to free his trapped sibling, who appears to be shaken but unharmed.

It takes him about two minutes to solve this potentially life threatening problem. It’s not clear why the child didn’t call to or run for his parents to get help, but of course he’s very young. Clearly he has a strong self-sufficient streak, and has the ability to remain remarkably calm under pressure.

We need more kids like this one, and fewer adults who leave unsecured furniture within reach of small children. Furniture should be securely bolted to the wall, so children can’t pull it over on top of themselves.

Watch two-year-old boy save his brother (


Photo: youtube (screen capture)

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