Michelle Obama / Oprah interview on President Obama’s Legacy

Michelle Obama / Oprah interview on President Obama's Legacy

Watch Michelle Obama discuss President Obama’s Legacy with Oprah Winfrey. She has a unique perspective as First Lady. Many people on the right have not been kind to the First Lady, who is a highly accomplished lawyer and activist, as well as a devoted wife and mother. But how will history treat her?

Watch Michelle Obama’s interview (youtube / Media House)



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President Obama’s Legacy – a documentary

President Obama's Legacy - a documentary

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria has compiled an excellent documentary, with interviews, analyzing President Barack Obama’s legacy. It’s challenging to summarize 8 long, event-filled years into one hour and forty-four minutes of video, but Zakaria is a seasoned journalist and expert interviewer, and does a great job.

Watch this documentary about President Obama’s Legacy (CNN)


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Truck kills 12 at Berlin Christmas Market. Terrorism?

Truck kills 12 at Berlin Christmas Market. Terrorism?

The Face Activities management team is appalled by the loss of life and the terrible injuries sustained by innocent people that just occurred in Berlin, Germany. If this turns out to be a terrorist attack, and it does look like it’s shaping up that way, then we condemn it in the strongest terms possible. We urge the community of decent nations to continue to strive for a world that’s free of such brutality and cruelty.


In a terrible, tragic event, which was possibly a terrorist act, a large truck was driven through a Christmas Market in Berlin, killing 12 and injuring 49. The truck had Polish plates and was registered to a Polish company. The investigation is ongoing, and still in its early phase, but a suspicious man was arrested near the scene.

Christmas Markets are extremely popular commercial events throughout Germany. Retailers set up booths in an open area patronized by consumers, who enjoy shopping, buying and eating food, and drinking beverages during the Christmas season. These markets are magnates for lots of ordinary folks just looking to enjoy themselves. They would be a prime target for terrorists to attack, and France has announced that it will increase security on its own Christmas markets. If this tragedy in Berlin is a terrorist attack, it is strongly reminiscent a similar one in Nice France, over the summer, during a Bastille day celebration, which killed 86.

Truck drives through German Christmas Market, killing 12 (NPR)



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Electoral College Protests: What you can do tomorrow

Electoral College Protests: What you can do tomorrow
The progressive change campaign committee of boldprogressives.org has prepared a list of action items you can do as concerned citizens to protest the Electoral College Vote tomorrow. The following is excerpted from an e-mail sent out by this organization to citizens concerned about a pending Trump Presidency.
“The Electoral College protests in all 50 state capitols tomorrow are getting HUGE media attention.
Last night, the push was featured in a Saturday Night Live skit. That could be bigger than all the newspapers combined.
80 Electors have now signed a letter demanding an intelligence briefing on Russian hacking of our election system.
There’s still time to have an impact and make history. Here’s how:
  1. Click here to see the time and location of the Electoral College protests happening tomorrow morning at every state capitol. Be sure to RSVP if you can attend by 9am. If you can’t attend, but you support this action, click here.
  2. Chip in $3 toward organizing the Electoral College protests. Putting on 50 protests in one week is a monumental undertaking requiring staff, security, and massive logistics.
  3. Click here to share info about the protests on Facebook. And, click here to share on Twitter
  4. Click here to write a targeted letter to your state legislators and governor supporting the National Popular Vote.
We still being sober about this. The chances of an outright victory tomorrow are extremely slim. But the media is watching. These protests at all 50 state capitols will stiffen Democratic spine to fight. And, by drawing attention to the Russian hacking, Trump massively losing the popular vote, and the impact of voter suppression, we can make Trump’s claims of a “mandate” ridiculous.” (boldprogressives.org)

Watch President Obama’s last press conference

Watch President Obama's last press conference

Watch President Obama field questions from reporters on issues of the day, including the war in Syria, the Russian e-mail Hacking scandal investigation (which dominated the press conference) and Hillary Clinton’s e-mails, during his last press conference of his final term in office. President Obama is an excellent speaker and a quick thinker on his feet, so dealing with the press in his confident, no nonsense manner has always been his strong suit.

President Obama had stern words for Putin’s Russia. Though he didn’t directly name Vladimir Putin in the cyber attacks, he strongly implied that the Russian leader had a hand in the hacking leading to the November 18th election upset, saying that the highest levels of Russian government were involved. He also said that he confronted Putin at the Group 20 Summit in China, and told him to “knock it off.”

CNN / Youtube

Petition to STOP TRUMP

Petition to STOP TRUMP

The following is a change.org petition for our members review and consider, urging the voters of the electoral college to stop Donald Trump. Please take a look:



In 48 Hours, We Gather in State Capitals to STOP TRUMP

Daniel Brezenoff
DEC 17, 2016 — We’ve almost reached the moment of truth. Electors vote Monday and we need you there in state capitals, calling on them to stop Donald Trump.

Today, let everyone know you are coming by joining the December 19 Facebook event. Then share it, and invite everyone you know:


There are events happening in all 50 states, but please try to a state where the Republicans hold the Electors. Please remember these are nonviolent actions and everyone attending is asked to be peaceful and exercise lawful free speech. Also, it will probably be cold, so dress for winter!

We have momentum, we have unity, and we have the biggest petition in history behind us. Now it’s time to stand up and STOP TRUMP.

Santa And The Robot Menace, an animated short by Peter Proscia, 2014

Santa And The Robot Menace, an animated short by Peter Proscia, 2014

Santa And The Robot Menace, 2014

An animated short by Peter Proscia

Santa contends with a powerful robotic challenger attempting to take over the Christmas. This crisp and colorful animated short is a delightful holiday treat.

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