Presdent Obama Stumps for Clinton; Defends Affordable Care Act

Presdent Obama Stumps for Clinton; Defends Affordable Care Act

Today President Obama campaigned for Hillary Clinton in Miami—-his third trip in three weeks to campaign for the Democratic Nominee. Addressing the crowd, he took a moment to defend the Affordable Care Act, as Donald Trump, also in Florida, railed against the program.

The President stressed that the problem of mushrooming premiums could have been fixed if the Republican-controlled congress had been willing to work with him, rather than obstructing progress. The President also stressed that  the alternative to the Affordable Care Act for many Americans would have been not having any insurance coverage at all, which is not a positive situation. And The President pointed out that Republicans don’t have a plan with which to replace the ACA.

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Internal Controversy at FBI Over Clinton Investigations

Internal Controversy at FBI Over Clinton Investigations

The FBI is experiencing rough times as field agents question Director Comey’s decisions regarding Hillary Clinton. Agents are concerned that Clinton has been protected for political reasons, while Comey and the FBI’s administration are concerned that field agents may have partisan reasons in mind for wanting to continue investigating Clinton vigorously, and career advancement goals as well.

In July Comey recommended to the Justice Department that Hillary Clinton’s ill-advised home-based e-mail server didn’t warrant a criminal indictment, and recently he wrote a letter to congressional leaders explaining that the Clinton e-mail probe had been re-opened when additional e-mails were discovered during a probe into disgraced congressman Anthony Weiner. Rank and file FBI agents weren’t happy with either situation. And agents feel stymied on their desire to investigate the Clinton Foundation for the way it handled the contributions of donors.

If Director Comey is acting in a partisan manner, he is doing a poor job of it. His actions in July angered Republicans, and his recent actions angered Democrats. One may disagree with Comey’s decisions, which do break with some established precedents at the FBI and Justice Department, but there’s no evidence they aren’t made on principle. However, that hasn’t stopped agents at many branch offices from criticizing him sharply.

Learn about the controversy brewing at the FBI over Hillary Clinton (CNN)



Photo: By Federal Bureau of Investigation – Extracted from PDF version of a DNI 100-day plan followup report (direct PDF URL here)., Public Domain, Link

Chicago Cubs Win World Series!

Chicago Cubs Win World Series!

Tonight the Chicago Cubs won their first World Series since 1908, beating the Cleveland Indians in Game 7—-the game ran over into extra innings. Fans are thrilled following the 108-year-long wait, which has been termed the curse of the goat, reminiscent of the Boston Red Sox’s “Curse of the Bambino.”

Learn more about the Cubs victory, and enjoy spectacular images (Reuters)


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Autistic runner assaulted by older man; accusations of racism

Autistic runner assaulted by older man; accusations of racism

Chase Coleman is an non verbal, autistic 15-year-old African American boy who was attacked during a cross country race in Rochester, New York, by 57-year-old Martin MacDonald of Pittsford—-a man twice his size. Apparently Coleman got confused or lost during the race, and stopped in the road. His mother went looking for him when he didn’t show up with the other runners.

Witnesses said they saw the much larger and older MacDonald get out of his car to confront Coleman, shouting at him for a long time and then pushing him to the ground, before driving off. Fortunately the boy wasn’t seriously hurt, physically speaking, but following the incident he quit his beloved cross country team (he’s been running for years) and his non verbal status makes his degree of emotional injury difficult to assess.

Witnesses took down a partial license plate number and the police tracked MacDonald down. He told police that he feared Coleman might try to steal his wife’s pocket book. But oddly enough, his wife was sitting with him safely in their car. The very car he had to deliberately unlock and get out of before he could walk over to the kid in order to start the confrontation. He also told police that black teenagers had vandalized his car recently. So was this some sort of a revenge scenario? Did seeing Coleman, a young black teenager behaving in an unexpected, though most would find non threatening, way trigger a fear and rage reaction in the older man?

According to MacDonald, Coleman was in the road, and didn’t respond to his request to get out of the road. That’s when he got out of his car and eventually pushed the kid, shouting “Get out of here!” Sadly, Coleman’s non verbal status is clearly why he didn’t respond, rather than any attempt at delinquency. In fact, witnesses report that Coleman made no moves towards MacDonald, and actually just stood there quietly, with empty hands clearly visible. He probably didn’t even understand what the man wanted. And it’s very likely he was terrified.

But if this isn’t bad enough, the criminal justice system did nothing. MacDonald wasn’t arrested, and a judge denied the warrant for an arrest on a minor assault charge. The incident had been logged in the police report as “an argument,” even though the kid is non verbal, and the media reported that the investigation was closed. The criminal justice system failed to intervene, despite Coleman’s mother’s best efforts. But the story has gone viral, and since then the police have reported that they’ve been investigating continuously, stressing that the earlier media reports were incorrect. So it’s possible Coleman and his very concerned mother still might receive some small measure of justice.

But the internet and the media are on fire with criticisms and accusations of racism. For example, many are asking what would have happened if a large African American man had exited his car to confront and push an autistic, non verbal and non threatening white kid down onto the road? Would that man have been free to go, or more likely quickly arrested by police as an obvious threat? Have the police, or other parts of the criminal justice system involved with this case failed to protect and serve the community, and the Coleman family?

Why is their investigation taking so long? After all, they have witnesses, Chase Coleman’s autistic status is documented, and MacDonald actually admitted to leaving his car (escalating the situation) in order to push Coleman (further escalating the situation, to the level of violence) down onto the pavement. Why isn’t that enough for the system to take action? Are they looking for a catch, because with a black kid there’s always a catch? That’s what many fear, and if so, it’s disheartening and troubling.

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