Senator Harry Reid Opposes Trump’s Steve Bannon Appointment

Senator Harry Reid Opposes Trump's Steve Bannon Appointment
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Donald Trump has selected Steve Bannon as his chief White House advisor, a position of great influence. This outrages many, because Bannon is linked to the “alt right,” which, according to many progressives, includes white nationalists, antisemites and many with Islamophobic and anti-woman views. Bannon was the former News Chief at, a highly controversial, ultra-conservative blog, which many on the left associate with the alt right, extremism, and intolerance.

Harry Reid, the Senate Minority Leader, strongly opposes the appointment, and lead the charge in the Senate on Tuesday against it. Many Democrats spoke against Trump’s decision, and Reid implored the President Elect to rise to the level of his new office, and turn away from bigotry, by reversing his decision. Though the Democrats are displeased, many on the right are very happy with the appointment.

Learn about Harry Reid’s opposition to the Steve Bannon appointment (CNN)



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