Acclaimed Singer Songwriter Bob Dylan wins Nobel Prize

Acclaimed Singer Songwriter Bob Dylan wins Nobel Prize!
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There’s incredible news from Sweden. Bob Dylan, one of the great voices of his generation, is now a Nobel Laureate. The iconic singer songwriter, who embodies the passion, idealism and raw intensity of his generation, has just won the Nobel Prize for Literature, in what can only be likened to a surprise upset victory in sports.

Dylan’s inspired lyrics, at times haunting, at times playful and even funny, transcend generational barriers, even though they remain firmly rooted in the 1950s and 60s—-the frenetic, transformative era of his youth. His approach to song writing is keenly poetic, his rich lyrics filled with potent imagery. He has, for over six decades, presided over popular music as a kind of elder statesman, the poet laureate of lost souls, wandering bards, and those who, despite life’s travails and pain, remain forever young at heart.

Learn about Bob Dylan, Nobel Laureate (The Guardian)



Photo: By Jean-Luc – originally posted to Flickr as Bob Dylan, CC BY-SA 2.0 (image resized)

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