China’s first space station is falling to earth

China's first space station is falling to earth
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China has lost control of it’s older space station, which will fall to earth next year. China’s made great strides in space science, launching its second space station, and successfully landing a robotic probe on the moon. But as is expected when mastering a new technology and complicated endeavor, the emerging space power isn’t free from mishaps.

“While the gaze of the world was pointed upwards last week as China launched its second ever space station into orbit, the nation appears to have more quietly acknowledged that it has lost control of its first such space station module.

At a press conference last Wednesday in the lead-up to the launch of the Tiangong–2 space lab, Chinese officials confirmed that its predecessor prototype, called Tiangong–1, will fall into Earth’s atmosphere sometime in the latter half of 2017…”

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Photo: CNSA / Science Alert

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