What’s the Probability Melania Trump plagiarized?

Did Melania Trump Plagiarize?

Do you think Melania Trump plagiarized on Monday night, or at least read a speech that was plagiarized by someone else? Wonder no further, because math and science have come to your rescue.

A physicist has calculated the probability that the speech Melania Trump read at the RNC last night wasn’t strongly influenced by Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech as 1 in 87 Billion! Those are big odds in favor of plagiarism.

Learn more about plagiarism calculation (Science Alert)



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Watch the Republican National Convention, Tuesday (Day 2)

Tiffany Trump, Day 2, RNC 2016

Donald Trump’s children, Tiffany Trump and Donald Trump Jr., speak at the GOP convention, along with Governor Chris Christy, former neurosurgeon and Presidential Candidate Ben Carson, and several others, on the second day of the RNC.

Donald Trump’s daughter and son had particularly forceful and appealing speeches, bolstering Trump’s reputation as a family man, thoughtful father, and business leader who’s in touch with the common man, and in doing so they served their father’s campaign well. Tiffany Trump impressed many with her sincerity, poise and graciousness, while Donald Trump Jr. impressed many with his command on conservative political theory, and his powerful and passionate delivery.

Christy and Carson, on the other hand, focused on attacking Hillary Clinton. Christy mocked Clinton, repeatedly listing her failures, from the republican perspective, while asking the audience “guilty or not guilty?” They responded every time with a hearty shout of “guilty!” And Carson actually went so far as to link Hillary Clinton to Lucifer by way of a strained reference to a thesis she wrote as an undergraduate at Wellesley College. Some commentators found this to be strange, if not bizarre.

Watch the Republican National Convention, Tuesday (Day 2) (Youtube / RNC)


Photo: Youtube / RNC 2016 Live Stream (screen capture)

Watch the Republican National Convention Live, Monday (Day 1)

Republican National Convention

The  Republican Party will choose their official nominee for the Presidential race, who will most likely compete with Hillary Clinton, much to the chagrin of Bernie Sanders supporters, in the general election. A last-minute Dump Trump campaign appears to have been quashed. Numerous conservative personalities, including Donald Trump, will speak, energize the base, and present the Republican partform platform to the American People:

Trump’s new VP Pick: why?

Obama picks Mike Pence as VP--why?

The choice of Trump’s new running mate, Indiana Governor Mike Pence, seems surprising to many. In fact, Pence appears to be the antithesis of Trump.  He’s a Washington insider with solid conservative, republican credentials. He also has years of experience in politics, including Congress and the governor’s mansion as well.

But that may very well be exactly what the doctor ordered. Trump is frequently criticized for being hard to pin down on the issues, and many point to his flashy New York past, suggesting he’s not a true conservative. Remember Ted Cruz’s “New York values” criticisms from earlier in the campaign? Trump is still a wild card, which is most appealing to independents tired of Washington gridlock, but an unpleasant conundrum both for more traditional voters, and republican party apparatchiks alike.

Pence, on the other hand, is stable, reliable, experienced, and favorable both to conservative voters, and the GOP establishment. Though conservative positions on LGBT matters concern progressive voters, they are just what traditional social conservatives are looking for in a candidate, and add a touch of conservative authenticity to the Trump ticket.

Learn how Governor Pence may help Trump as his running mate (Washington Post)


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Attempted Military Coup in Turkey

President Erdogan - military coup in Turkey

Who is in charge of Istanbul and Ankara today? It remains unclear, following an attempted coup. Apparently large numbers of soldiers were mobilized while President Erdogan was away on vacation. The President now claims the coup has failed, and other sources in the Turkish government seem to confirm that report. However, the situation on the ground seems less certain. Large numbers of Turks are in the streets, though reports are mixed as to whom they are supporting, and police have been filmed detaining soldiers.

President Erdogan has worried many in recent months, and some had predicted a coup was possible. Turkey’s economy and status as a tourist destination have suffered, terrorist attacks are on the rise, and the President’s behavior has been described as increasingly paranoid.

A military coup affecting a NATO ally that’s so crucial to the war against ISIS is of great concern to the U.S. and Europe. The U.S. has a military presence in the country, which includes tactical nuclear weapons.

Learn about the attempted coup in Turkey (CNN)


Photo:By Senat RP/Polish Senate [CC BY-SA 3.0 pl, via Wikimedia Commons”

President Obama’s Town Hall on race

Obama town hall on race and reconciliation (picture: an earlier town hall discussion)

Following last week’s high profile violence in the U.S., in which both black men were shot and killed by cops, and white cops were shot and killed by a black man, President Obama presented a much-needed and must-see televised Town Hall format discussion on race and reconciliation with his fellow citizens.

The President extended understanding and sympathy to both cops and African American citizens who feel they’ve been mistreated and victimized by police officers. He recognized the long history of racial struggle in the country, and also expressed admiration and respect for the difficult and dangerous jobs that police officers do every day to keep America safe.

The President addressed what he believes are misconceptions, like the true meaning of “Black Lives Matter,” which is interpreted by many conservatives as exclusionary and anti-white, and therefore racist. The President, however, rejected that interpretation. He also said that there’s a greater presumption of dangerousness regarding black men in American society, which is both unfair, and can lead to violence.

Several relatives of men who died in police shooting incidents were present, in person or remotely, to ask the President questions, and some of the questions were critical of the President. Lt. Governor Dan Patrick asked if the President was doing enough to support police and moderate his rhetoric, which President Obama responded to somewhat curtly.

More events like this are both important and necessary to begin dissolving the barriers of fear and misunderstanding that separate our society into opposing camps.

Learn more about President Obama’s Town Hall on race (The New York Times)

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Terrorists strike on Bastille day in Nice, France: at least 77 killed

Bastille Day Terrorist Attack - Nice, France

Sadly we face another terrorist attack in France, a nation that’s endured a great deal of violence at the hands of extremist jihadists in the recent past. The management team of Face Activities extends our sympathies and condolences to the victims and their families, and to the people of France. We mourn with you for your fallen comrades. We look forward to a day when the world, working together, can end the scourge of terrorism that plagues the peoples of the world.

A brazen terrorist attack rocked France Thursday night, as a driver intent on committing mass murder deliberately drove his truck through a dense crowd along a 2 km stretch of road at the Bastille Day celebration in Nice, France, killing at least 77 people. President Hollande referred to the incident as an attack, and called for an extension of the nation’s state of emergency, due to expire within days, for another three months.

Before driving into the crowd, reports indicate that the driver first shot into the crowd with a gun. Police eventually shot and killed the alleged terrorist, and found the truck to be packed with firearms, explosives and grenades that fortunately didn’t detonate. It’s likely that the casualty rate would have been much higher if they had exploded, and would have included first responders to the crisis.

Now the painstaking investigative process begins, to piece together the course of events and bring perpetrators, if possible, to justice. There are many questions that need to be answered. Who was the driver? What were his organizational affiliations and motivations? Is there evidence of a broader conspiracy or was this the work of a lone wolf? Was ISIS involved, and was the driver a self-radicalized extremist, or someone who was deliberately trained and sent under the aegis of a specific terrorist organization?

Learn more about the Bastille Day terrorist attack in Nice, France (CNN)

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