War of words over proposed Muslim ban: President Obama, Clinton, Trump

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Today, in the ongoing the aftermath of the tragic nightclub attack in Orlando, Florida, the media was filled with heated exchanges between President Obama, and Hillary Clinton, on one hand, and Donald Trump, on the other.

Both Democrats pounced on the presumptive republican nominee, who had doubled-down on his proposed ban on Muslims entering the United States. Trump has long cited potential dangers from terrorists that might sneak in with law-abiding refugees and other visitors as a reason to severely restrict Muslim immigration into the U.S., including refugees from Syria.

President Obama insisted in no uncertain terms, using strong language and a passionate delivery, that this proposal was not in keeping with American values, nor conducive to keeping U.S. citizens safe. Trump countered, reaffirming his proposal, and pointing out how reluctant the President and former Secretary of State are to use the term “Islamic Terrorism.” This drew further criticism from his opponents, who insisted the use of the term would only frustrate our efforts to fight ISIS on the world stage, by impugning the entire religion of Islam, thus offending millions around the world, rather than focusing on the violent terrorists who are the true problem.

Learn about the political war of words regarding terrorism (Reuters)

Photo: Reuters (screen capture)

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