Speaker Paul Ryan to meet with Donald Trump Thursday


House Speaker Paul Ryan will meet with Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican Presidential nominee, on Thursday, to discuss party unification, and the possibility of supporting his nomination.

Today Speaker Ryan met with the press to discuss the meeting, and his current thinking on the Trump nomination. Ryan, who currently does not support Trump for the nomination, emphasized that the party has just been through a long, grueling primary process, and acknowledged that divisions are strong within the party.

He feels that the party must unify before he can give his support, and this unification process will take some time, under the current circumstances. He fears that if the process is rushed, then the Republican party will only be working at half-strength when they challenge the Democratic nominee for the White House in the fall.

Watch and read Speaker Ryan discuss Thursday’s meeting with Trump (NBC)


Photo: NBC (screen capture)

Horror Express, a film by Eugenio Martín, 1976


Horror Express, 1976

A film by Eugenio Martín

A scientist (Christopher Lee) discovers a frozen anthropological specimen on an expedition to Manchuria. He brings it back to civilization on a train, but the voyage goes tragically wrong when the creature thaws and reanimates.  (Browse our Movie Archive)

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, a film by Robert Wiene, 1919

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, 1919

A film by Robert Wiene

Considered the first modern horror movie, this silent film is a German Expressionist classic, featuring a sinister hypnotist, Dr. Caligari, who commands Cesare, an unwitting accomplice, to commit horrendous crimes. The film is viewed as a metaphor for the horrors of World War I, with Caligari representing the German war machine, and Cesare, the common German citizen, brainwashed by authority to kill. (Browse our Movie Archive)


Felix the Cat in Feline Follies, an animated short by Otto Messmer, 1919

Felix the Cat - Feline Follies, an animated short by Otto Messmer, 1919

Felix the Cat in Feline Follies, 1919

An animated short by Otto Messmer

This is the first appearance of Felix the cat in a cartoon.

“Master Tom is lured away from his job of protecting the house from mice by the charms of “Miss Kitty”. While he’s gone, the mice trash the house. Complications ensue.” (IMDB)

(Browse our Movie Archive)

Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women, 1967

Voyage to the planet of prehistoric women

Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women, 1967

A film by Derek Thomas

Human astronauts explore the planet Venus, discovering life, including a race of beautiful, aquatic women. But the second planet from the sun is filled with dangers. Will the astronauts survive? The film originated in the Soviet Union, but American producers took measures to disguise its origins. (Browse our Movie Archive)

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