President Trump: still no evidence for Obama Wire Tapping allegations

It’s been over 50 hours since President Trump leveled allegations that President Obama ordered a wire tap on Trump Towers during the Presidential Campaign, and his Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, confirms that he still stands by his original allegations. In fact, the President appears to be doubling down on his claims, asking Congress to investigate. But despite this apparent zeal, the President has yet to offer proof, of any kind, to support his seemingly outrageous claims.

This pattern is typical of President Trump. He makes accusations, often quite serious in nature, with no supporting evidence. And where do these accusations come from? He claims to have proof, but never offers it to the press, so the American People, and apparently the rest of the government as well, are left in the dark.

Frankly, many believe the President is spinning these stories from whole cloth. But what’s his motive? Some suggest that the President is mentally unbalanced. The stories themselves seem to find safe harbor with the radio shock jocks and conspiracy theory enthusiasts of the far right, and it appears that the current accusation originated in that quarter.

But despite the extreme and even crazy quality, his story telling seems to have a utilitarian function—-distraction. His administration is plagued by accusations and revelations surrounding contact with the Russians during the Presidential Campaign, in addition to other concerns over his governing style, his newly revised travel ban, and much more.

So a distracting story shifting focus, and blame, to his political opponents would help to take the pressure off, at least in the short term. Of course, in the longer term, it would generate a whole new set of issues and problems that would potentially cause trouble for the fledgling Administration. But that doesn’t seem to bother the Nation’s Chief Executive, who seems very comfortable at the center of a confused, swirling vortex of unsupported allegations, misinformation and lies.

But enough is enough. The Presidency of the United States is an office of great importance and power. It’s not to be taken lightly. The occupant, however flawed (as human beings are apt to be) must aspire to the best standards of leadership, appealing to Lincoln’s “better Angel’s of our nature,” not the baser instincts of lesser men. President Trump must end this charade. If he has legitimate evidence to support his claim, then by all means, Mr. President, present it. But drop the matter here and now if you do not. And learn to govern your nation with wisdom, clarity, and good judgement.


Photo: Public Domain – Wikimedia Commons