Phantom From Space, a film by W. Lee Wilder, 1953

Phantom From Space, 1953

A film by W. Lee Wilder

“An alien being lands in Santa Monica. Killing two people who attacked him due to the menacing appearance of his spacesuit, the creature takes it off while being pursued by government authorities, revealing himself to be invisible.” (IMDB)

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Killers from Space, a film by W. Lee Wilder, 1954


Killers from Space, 1954

A film by W. Lee Wilder

Googly-eyed extraterrestrials from the Planet Astron Delta take up residence in a secret subterranean base, resurrect a dying atomic scientist after a plane crash to do their bidding, and plot the destruction of the earth using giant insects and reptiles. Can they be stopped before it’s too late? (Browse our Movie Archive)