Prince, 57, found dead in his home


Beloved Pop music icon Prince, 57, died today. The legendary musician was found unresponsive in an elevator at his Minnesota home, Paisley Park Studios, on Tuesday. There’s currently an ongoing investigation.

Born Prince Rogers Nelson, he won legions of devoted fans across generations, and was at the height of his popularity and artistic influence in the 1980s, exemplified by his 1984 hit “When doves cry,” and his beloved major motion picture event, “Purple Rain.” He’s known for pioneering the highly sensual “Minneapolis Style” and for fighting for artistic freedom within the music industry.

Like David Bowie, who died earlier this year, Prince is one of those rare performers whose career and persona has inspired great respect and devotion among fans, which spreads to those who don’t even listen to his music. His gravitas and passion for his art are clear to observers of modern popular culture. And he will be missed.

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Photo: Creative Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0) / via Wikipedia