President Trump Pardons his first Turkey. But did he drop the ball?

Trump's First Turkey Pardon

President Trump pardoned his first turkey for the 2017 Thanksgiving holiday, and for his Presidency. But some feel the quaint and whimsical tradition didn’t go well, in keeping with sweeping doubts about the President’s administration. Watch this short video to find out about these concerns.

And regarding the Turkey Pardon ceremony itself, this quaint tradition dates back a very long time. One or two birds are symbolically pardoned, and sent away to live out their lives in peace on a farm, rather than becoming someone’s holiday dinner. Turkey, of course, is the iconic Thanksgiving Day food enjoyed around the country, typically with stuffing and cranberry sauce, along with other fixings and side dishes.

Watch President Trump speaks at rally, worries critics

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President Trump spoke at a rally in Phoenix today, reminiscent of his polarizing campaign rallies back in 2016.

He reiterated his support for building a wall at the Mexican border, and doubled down on comments he made last week about the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The President’s critics found his speech disappointing, and fear that his rhetoric is further splitting the country along racial lines, sewing the seeds of division and strife.

Watch the President’s speech:

President Trump attacks Syria


In response to the Aleppo chemical attack, President Trump has ordered the U.S. military to launch dozens of Tomahawk cruz missiles, targeting a single airbase, destroying runways, aircraft and fuel points.

The President, currently at Mar-a-Lago with the Chinese President, briefs the American People, laying blame for the tragic Aleppo attack squarely on the shoulders of beleaguered Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Photo: By Urutseg (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Video: CNN news feed / Youtube

President Trump’s Ultimatum on a healthcare vote

President Trump's Ultimatum on a healthcare vote

It’s a showdown for President Trump. He’s given Congress an ultimatum, to pass his health care bill, or face the wrath of angry voters. And many republican lawmakers, like President Trump himself, ran on platforms promising to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Earlier today, following intense negotiations, the President, who presents himself as a master negotiator, failed to convince enough members of the House’s conservative Freedom Caucus to pledge to vote for the new plan, forcing House Republicans to cancel Thursday’s vote. Since Thursday was the seventh anniversary of Obamacare’s inception, this turned a planned victory into an embarrassment, and a potential defeat.

According to the President, this may be the last opportunity for congress to repeal Obamacare, which is anathema to conservative republicans. But many of the government’s most conservative politicians find the replacement plan too similar to Obamacare. They claim to prefer fewer required benefits and less mandated coverage, which they say frees insurance companies to create plans that meet the needs of consumers, and empowers consumers to find the plan that’s right for them, without unnecessary and costly features.

However, democrats fear this will give insurance companies cart blanche to create inadequate plans, saving themselves money, but leaving consumers without adequate protection in the process. The plan has also been criticized for potentially leaving over 20 million people uninsured. And this would follow years during which Obamacare greatly reduced the number of uninsured people throughout the United States.

Now President Trump, the negotiator, has brazenly called for an end to negotiations. He demands a vote on Friday. Is this a clever strategy, or a poor and arrogant decision for the President? Freedom Caucus Republicans are not his servants. They are fiercely independent, and ideologically extreme. Many believe they are freeing the people, by taking away a requirement for government mandated healthcare, which they view as a kind of unconstitutional burden (which the Supreme Court, it’s important to note, does not.)

By attempting to force their hand, he may not get the results he hopes for. It’s a big, high stakes gamble for President Trump. His success in this matter would do a lot to quell concerns over the many concerns over his competence, rationality, and efficacy, and the integrity of his administration. A failure would exacerbate his many problems, and represent a failure to achieve one of his primary campaign objectives.

Learn more about President Trump’s ultimatum to congress (CNN)


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President Trump: still no evidence for Obama Wire Tapping allegations

It’s been over 50 hours since President Trump leveled allegations that President Obama ordered a wire tap on Trump Towers during the Presidential Campaign, and his Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, confirms that he still stands by his original allegations. In fact, the President appears to be doubling down on his claims, asking Congress to investigate. But despite this apparent zeal, the President has yet to offer proof, of any kind, to support his seemingly outrageous claims.

This pattern is typical of President Trump. He makes accusations, often quite serious in nature, with no supporting evidence. And where do these accusations come from? He claims to have proof, but never offers it to the press, so the American People, and apparently the rest of the government as well, are left in the dark.

Frankly, many believe the President is spinning these stories from whole cloth. But what’s his motive? Some suggest that the President is mentally unbalanced. The stories themselves seem to find safe harbor with the radio shock jocks and conspiracy theory enthusiasts of the far right, and it appears that the current accusation originated in that quarter.

But despite the extreme and even crazy quality, his story telling seems to have a utilitarian function—-distraction. His administration is plagued by accusations and revelations surrounding contact with the Russians during the Presidential Campaign, in addition to other concerns over his governing style, his newly revised travel ban, and much more.

So a distracting story shifting focus, and blame, to his political opponents would help to take the pressure off, at least in the short term. Of course, in the longer term, it would generate a whole new set of issues and problems that would potentially cause trouble for the fledgling Administration. But that doesn’t seem to bother the Nation’s Chief Executive, who seems very comfortable at the center of a confused, swirling vortex of unsupported allegations, misinformation and lies.

But enough is enough. The Presidency of the United States is an office of great importance and power. It’s not to be taken lightly. The occupant, however flawed (as human beings are apt to be) must aspire to the best standards of leadership, appealing to Lincoln’s “better Angel’s of our nature,” not the baser instincts of lesser men. President Trump must end this charade. If he has legitimate evidence to support his claim, then by all means, Mr. President, present it. But drop the matter here and now if you do not. And learn to govern your nation with wisdom, clarity, and good judgement.


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