Harambe should never had been killed

This editorial just in from Gill, a long-time member of Face Activities:

Everyone agrees that the death of Harambe the gorilla was a tragedy, but it should also be a crime. Harambe was only 17 years old, a young silverback gorilla just beginning to start a family group of his own, but his life was tragically ended this week by gunfire. Why?

This gentle giant was a harmless soul, living happily and quietly in the Gorilla enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo, with others of his kind. And the people loved him, visiting in droves. Everyone agrees that had the right to live and socialize with others of his kind for the rest of his natural lifespan, just like all animals, including human beings. Unfortunately it ended tragically for Harambe and his new family, when a small child fell into his enclosure. Zoo officials shot the young silverback gorilla, rather than giving him a chance by trying to save both the child and the gorilla. And the could have done it! Read more