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Our main goal here at Face Activities is to encourage and engage people in envisioning a better world and help understand different ways of life, the world that we living in, communication, co-existence of multi-cultures, current world realities and issues, social matters, difficulties/abnormalities, sociopolitical and economic trends, environmental issues and most of all, what is right and wrong in a sensible and comprehensive manner. All of us will be better humans if we be intent on three noble ideals: “The good word well spoken; The good deed well done; The good thought well thought”. (Persian prophet Zoroaster)

We are LGBTQ friendly, and interested in bringing people together from all walks of life to build a diverse and vibrant social media community dedicated to environmental rescue and the pursuit of peace around the world.

This site was established as a viable active social media, a tool and resource for all to connect and share their thoughts, concerns, and visions with each other. We want people to be more aware of multiple problems such as: over population of the world, lack of clean air, environmental hazards, progressive global warming, illnesses, diseases, and human and animal rights. Our mission is to attract and engage people from around the globe and all strata of society and encourage them to take action in their communities and raise their voices, to share their thoughts and opinions, with harmony and unity so that hopefully we can change the world for the sake of future generations.

Photo: Tore Urnes from Oslo, Norway • CC BY 2.0 (Wikimedia Commons)