Watch The Vice Presidential Debate Tonight, Streaming Live

Watch The Vice Presidential Debate Tonight, Streaming Live

Watch tonight’s Vice Presidential Debate, streaming live here on Face Activities. The running mates debate substantive issues, and posture for dominance, at tonight’s debate, starting 9 pm Eastern Time (Wednesday, October 4.) Tim Kaine and Mike Pence, both experienced politicians, go head to head for the first time during the 2016 Presidential campaign.

Watch the VP Debate tonight online – 9 pm ET (NBC News – Yahoo)


UPDATE: The debate made for an excellent contrast between Pence and Kaine. Both men were under enormous pressure to perform well, and score points with voters, particularly with the block of undecided, college educated women, who will likely make the difference in this election, according to many pundits.

Kaine was very aggressive, and at times downright rude, frequently interrupting Pence and calling out the Trump campaign on numerous inaccuracies and falsehoods, fulfilling the traditional VP role of “attack dog.” For example, Kaine kept hammering away at his opponent, demanding to know why Trump has said so many disrespectful things to women and minorities, and why Trump didn’t pay taxes for 18 years, as per recent revelations. Pence, on the other hand, was very dignified, and remained calm in the face of withering fire from Kaine.

However, there was only so much Pence could say when defending Trump, who has in fact made many undignified and seemingly prejudiced remarks, and actually did avoid paying taxes legally for almost 20 years, following a $916 million business loss, due to exceedingly favorable tax codes for wealthy entrepreneurs (exactly the sort of thing that the Clinton campaign is speaking out against.) Many who watched the debate unfold felt that Kaine won on substance, and Pence won on style. It’s clear that Pence’s cool, controlled and consistent delivery was the hallmark of a polished and practiced career politician, with Presidential ambitions of his own.

Both men scored points with their bases, and will likely be lauded for their performances (though Kaine is picking up some flack for his overly aggressive style) but it seems unlikely that Pence will bring many of those much needed undecided, college educated women voters over to Trump’s camp. So in that way at least the debate may be viewed as a win for the Clinton campaign.


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Senator Tim Kaine, Hillary’s new running mate

Ted Kaine, Democratic VP Pick

Hillary Clinton has chosen Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia, as her running mate. The 58-year-old Senator hails from working class mid-western roots. An excellent student, he eventually attended Harvard Law School.

He was the former Governor, and Lt. Governor, of Virginia, as well as a Mayor, City Councilor, and Civil Right’s attorney. Kaine has a solid liberal voting record in the Senate, but he’s considered a political moderate who could help bring independents and moderate republicans to the table.

Kaine is fluent in Spanish, and spent time in Honduras as a missionary. He’s a practicing Catholic who, like the late Ted Kennedy, supports abortion rights. He’s also the first Senator to give a complete speech in Spanish to the Senate, and he recently addressed an audience in Spanish while campaigning with Clinton. Hispanic voters are a major voting demographic that’s key to winning the 2016 Presidential election.

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