Watch the Republican National Convention, Thursday (Day 4)

Ivanka Trump - RNC, Day 4

On the fourth and final night of the RNC, Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka will introduce him, and he will give an important speech in the hopes of reaching even more voters with his message. Also, a gay republican will speak. Gay people aren’t a demographic group that Trump, nor other republicans, traditionally do well with.

Watch the Republican National Convention (Day 4) (Youtube, RNC Live Stream)



Photo: by Marc NozellCreative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

Watch the Republican National Convention, Tuesday (Day 2)

Tiffany Trump, Day 2, RNC 2016

Donald Trump’s children, Tiffany Trump and Donald Trump Jr., speak at the GOP convention, along with Governor Chris Christy, former neurosurgeon and Presidential Candidate Ben Carson, and several others, on the second day of the RNC.

Donald Trump’s daughter and son had particularly forceful and appealing speeches, bolstering Trump’s reputation as a family man, thoughtful father, and business leader who’s in touch with the common man, and in doing so they served their father’s campaign well. Tiffany Trump impressed many with her sincerity, poise and graciousness, while Donald Trump Jr. impressed many with his command on conservative political theory, and his powerful and passionate delivery.

Christy and Carson, on the other hand, focused on attacking Hillary Clinton. Christy mocked Clinton, repeatedly listing her failures, from the republican perspective, while asking the audience “guilty or not guilty?” They responded every time with a hearty shout of “guilty!” And Carson actually went so far as to link Hillary Clinton to Lucifer by way of a strained reference to a thesis she wrote as an undergraduate at Wellesley College. Some commentators found this to be strange, if not bizarre.

Watch the Republican National Convention, Tuesday (Day 2) (Youtube / RNC)


Photo: Youtube / RNC 2016 Live Stream (screen capture)

Watch the Republican National Convention Live, Monday (Day 1)

Republican National Convention

The  Republican Party will choose their official nominee for the Presidential race, who will most likely compete with Hillary Clinton, much to the chagrin of Bernie Sanders supporters, in the general election. A last-minute Dump Trump campaign appears to have been quashed. Numerous conservative personalities, including Donald Trump, will speak, energize the base, and present the Republican partform platform to the American People: