Donald Trump exposed in a vulgar video tape

Nobody should be surprised that Donald Trump has a locker-room mentality, and says inappropriate things that are demeaning to women. This is known, well-documented stuff, but so far it hasn’t been enough to deter his base from offering their passionate support. But an 11-year-old video has surfaced, shot originally by a Bush-family relative, that shows Trump in full misogynistic flower, and it may be just enough to tip the scales against the unconventional candidate.

The video shows Trump on a bus that’s just arrived at its destination at a soap opera set, bragging about his failed attempts to seduce a married woman (he was in a relationship with his current wife at the time) and making numerous boorish comments about groping women, particularly grabbing their private parts, which pundits have compared to sexual assault. His language is anything but Presidential, his attitude far from respectful, and the net effect of this footage casts doubt on the candidates suitability for the office of the Presidency, in the eyes of many conservatives and liberals alike.

Trump issued a feeble non-apology, effectively invoking the past indiscretions of Bill Clinton, and apologizing “if” he offended anyone, as though there is any doubt what so ever that his remarks caused offense. A prominent CNN pundit has called Trump “a sexist, misogynistic pig.” Yes, it’s pretty bad out there for Trump and his campaign, right now. This may be a death knell for his White House bid.

However, in the past Trump has exhibited a surprising ability to bounce back from bad press, and numerous faux pas. A minority opinion in the political reporting community suggests that he may weather this storm if, and only if, he delivers a sincere, heart-felt apology, without qualifications of any kind, and sticks to it. That is a tall order for Trump, who is a master of deflection (referencing Bill Clinton as soon as this scandal broke, for example.)

Trump, most reasonable people would conclude by now, is an impulsive man, skilled in certain aspects of business and entrepreneurship (at least when he isn’t bankrupt) but lacking development and understanding in key areas necessary for national and global leadership. His relationship with female voters, a key demographic, was poor to start with, and it’s sinking fast. There are years of boorish comments and creepy misogynistic quips on file to digest—so many that the Clinton campaign has drafted several into effective campaign ads showcasing his ignorance.

In short, Trump has dropped the ball, consistently, on projecting a worthy Presidential image. Sadly his running mate, Mike Pence, is the consummate conservative gentleman—though many disagree with his right-leaning policies, everyone recognizes his stature as a kind and honorable man who behaves impeccably well. This video scandal must be difficult for him. There’s even a suggestion floating in the media that Pence should now step up to assume the lead role in the GOP ticket. That would be unprecedented, and though it may work to salvage many republican votes, it would have little influence on democrats, who martial a formidable field, despite Hillary Clinton’s many electoral challenges.

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Trump speaks to an African-American audience for the first time

Donald Trump addresses African-American Church

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump spoke to a predominantly African-American audience at at the Great Faith Ministries church on Saturday, in Detroit, Michigan. He delivered a positive message about unity and fixing problems in the African-American community. He proudly reminded the audience that the Republican Party was the Party of Abraham Lincoln, and assured them that he understands  that African-Americans have faced many injustices over the years.

He’s receiving mixed-reviews, both criticism and praise, and there were protests outside the church before his arrival. But the big question is, what on earth took him so long? He’s been on the campaign trail now for over a year, and this is his first major African-American venue, despite the importance of this group in the American electorate, despite the realities of electoral politics in the United States of America.

To be clear, Trump said and did all the right things. He sat in the front, said he was there to listen and learn, held up a baby for all to see (Trump needs all the help he can get with the baby loving demographic, after recent crass comments) and accepted the generous gift of a prayer shawl. Though this address is certainly a positive step forward, it’s lateness within the campaign calendar does raise questions, and should be a cause for concern. How serious is Donald Trump about courting black voters if he waits until this late in the process, with the election in November and early voting happening early this very month (September) to speak to a largely African-American audience?

It suggests that he values his main constituency, disgruntled older white men who lean to the political right, far more than African-American voters, in the long run. Trump is playing catch-up with African-American voters, and though time will tell, and elections are full of surprises, many feel it’s simply too little too late.

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Watch the Republican National Convention Live, Monday (Day 1)

Republican National Convention

The  Republican Party will choose their official nominee for the Presidential race, who will most likely compete with Hillary Clinton, much to the chagrin of Bernie Sanders supporters, in the general election. A last-minute Dump Trump campaign appears to have been quashed. Numerous conservative personalities, including Donald Trump, will speak, energize the base, and present the Republican partform platform to the American People:

Young artists attacked over Trump nude

Artist Illma Gore attacked over Trump nude

Illma Gore, the young artist who painted a nude, unflattering portrait of Donald Trump that went viral online was attacked near her Los Angeles home. She was struck  in the face by a man shouting “Trump 2016.”

She’s received numerous threats of death and rape, and currently faces an anonymous copyright infringement lawsuit, even though she insists the image is completely her own creative work.

She’s currently showing the painting in London, and it’s for sale there for 1 million pounds. Some of the proceeds will go towards Los Angeles charities for children.

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Trump and Clinton Win New York


With 247 delegates at stake for Democrats, and 95 for Republicans, the New York Primary Race is a big deal. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have risen to the occasion, soundly thrashing their political rivals. Trailing behind, Governor John Kasich of Ohio won about 25% of the vote, and Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, the antithesis of a stereotypical New Yorker by any stretch of the imagination, garnered only about 15% of the vote.

Trump, a native New Yorker himself, won well over 50% of the vote, and will likely acquire all 95 delegates. Trump’s victory follows a significant staff shake-up in his campaign, which was apparently a wise move.

So far, Clinton, New York State’s former senator, has won over 57% of the vote. Sanders, who was born and raised in New York before moving to Vermont, won just 43%, further frustrating Sander’s increasingly unlikely bid for the white house.

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