Trump and Clinton Win New York


With 247 delegates at stake for Democrats, and 95 for Republicans, the New York Primary Race is a big deal. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have risen to the occasion, soundly thrashing their political rivals. Trailing behind, Governor John Kasich of Ohio won about 25% of the vote, and Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, the antithesis of a stereotypical New Yorker by any stretch of the imagination, garnered only about 15% of the vote.

Trump, a native New Yorker himself, won well over 50% of the vote, and will likely acquire all 95 delegates. Trump’s victory follows a significant staff shake-up in his campaign, which was apparently a wise move.

So far, Clinton, New York State’s former senator, has won over 57% of the vote. Sanders, who was born and raised in New York before moving to Vermont, won just 43%, further frustrating Sander’s increasingly unlikely bid for the white house.

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Photo: CNN