Michelle Obama / Oprah interview on President Obama’s Legacy

Michelle Obama / Oprah interview on President Obama's Legacy

Watch Michelle Obama discuss President Obama’s Legacy with Oprah Winfrey. She has a unique perspective as First Lady. Many people on the right have not been kind to the First Lady, who is a highly accomplished lawyer and activist, as well as a devoted wife and mother. But how will history treat her?

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Watch the Democratic National Convention – Live Stream Online

Bernie Sanders - DNC

Watch the DNC live online. Today’s speakers include: Bernie Sanders, Michelle Obama, Senator Elizabeth Warren, among others.  At a time when party unity is critical, tensions are high following the hacking scandal that outed favoritism for the Clinton campaign among high ranking DNC staffers. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, the head of the DNC, has resigned in the wake of the scandal, and will not take the podium at the convention.

It will be interesting to see how these tensions play out on the convention floor, tonight and throughout the week. Though Senator Sanders has thrown support behind Clinton, many of his followers remain loyal and are not ready to make the switch.

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What’s the Probability Melania Trump plagiarized?

Did Melania Trump Plagiarize?

Do you think Melania Trump plagiarized on Monday night, or at least read a speech that was plagiarized by someone else? Wonder no further, because math and science have come to your rescue.

A physicist has calculated the probability that the speech Melania Trump read at the RNC last night wasn’t strongly influenced by Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech as 1 in 87 Billion! Those are big odds in favor of plagiarism.

Learn more about plagiarism calculation (Science Alert)



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