Terrorist attack at Istanbul airport leaves at least 36 dead

Terrorist attack at Ataturk international airport

The management team of Face Activities extends our condolences to the victims, and their families, of the Istanbul airport attack. 

Following a horrific terrorist attack at Istanbul’s Ataturk international airport, at least 36 are dead (earlier reports soared to as many as 50) and dozens were injured, possibly as many as 147. At this time official sources indicate ISIS terrorists are most likely to blame, though there’s been speculation that Kurdish separatists could be responsible.

Three attackers used automatic weapons to assault airport travelers in the bustling airport, but when police returned fire, they detonated explosive devices, killing themselves and many innocent bystanders. The police may have stopped the terrorists before they entered an even more crowded part of the airport, which could have lead to even greater casualties.

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Photo: by Josef Moser, (Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International)


Islamists attack Radiohead fans in Turkey


Fans of the band Radiohead were roughed up and frightened in Turkey, during a release party for the band’s recent album. Angry men burst in, demanding that the store close and shut down the party. The men were angry because alcohol was being served at the event during Ramadan.

Shouts of “I kill you” and “I will burn you alive inside,” were heard, which evoked memories of a tragic Islamist attack in 1993, during which 30 intellectuals were burned alive. Also one man was forcibly pulled from the store into the street, and another was hit on the head with a bottle, requiring stitches. But fortunately nobody was more seriously hurt during this week’s frightening episode.

However, there’s a very disturbing trend: more and more, Turkish Islamist groups are responsible for an increasing number of threats against secular groups and citizens, including ominous threats that have lead to the cancellation of  the country’s 13th Gay Pride Parade, scheduled for next week. These threats to liberty are a serious cause for concern, and members of secular Turkish society are very worried.

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