Senator Franken exposes weakness in Devos’s understanding

Senator Franken exposes weakness in Devos's understanding

During an enlightening line of questioning at Betsy Devos’s confirmation hearing, Senator Al Franken, formerly of Saturday Night Live, revealed that the nominee for Secretary of Education doesn’t know about an important debate in education between testing for proficiency vs growth. The candidate appears confused, and struggles to clarify the senator’s line of inquiry.

Devo’s credentials in the field have been sharply criticized by many liberals, and she’s widely viewed as unfit for the job, even factoring in political differences. She doesn’t posses an advanced degree in education, nor has she worked in a school. Her politics leans far to the right, and she appears to be very much in favor of states rights, charter schools, and vouchers for private school attendance.

Oddly, during another confirmation hearing clip, when asked about the role of guns in schools, she stated that some school systems might require guns to defend against grizzly bears, which hasn’t done much to heal her rift with the left, not to mention grizzly bear lovers the world over.

Photo & Video: USNewsBroadcasting / Yahoo / CNN