Watch Brett Cavanaugh sworn in as Supreme Court justice

Following a confirmation process that was among the most controversial in American History, Judge Brett Cavanaugh was sworn in as a U.S. Supreme Court Justice.

President Trump spoke in the minutes before the actual swearing in, insisting that, during the confirmation process, judge Cavanaugh had been “proven innocent,” of sexual misconduct claims during the hearings and limited FBI investigation. This was an extraordinary and illogical claim, but not unusual for the President, who is known for his mistruths and lies.

After the swearing in, the newly minted Justice, with his proud wife and daughters beaming by his side, delivered his own speech in which he thanked conservative republican law makers by name for helping him achieve his confirmation.

Will Justice Cavanaugh ever live down the sexual assault allegations levied by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, who testified on the matter before congress.

Watch the swearing in ceremony:

Photo: Public domain

video: Space Force News / YouTube