Devil Times Five, a film by Sean MacGregor, David Sheldon (uncredited), 1974

Devil Times Five, a film by Sean MacGregor, David Sheldon (uncredited)1974

Devil Times Five, 1974

A film by Sean MacGregor, David Sheldon (uncredited)

“Five extremely disturbed, sociopathic children escape from their psychiatric transport and are taken in unwittingly by a group of adult villagers on winter vacation.” (IMDB)

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Let’s leave skin color aside

Human beauty has nothing to do with skin color. It’s the structure of the human face that makes the difference, whether the person is beautiful, ugly, presentable, or not. Let’s leave skin color aside once and for all, and don’t engage in racist conversations, because it’s definitely shameful.

Americans aren’t just white, but many races, including Native American, black, white, brown, Asian, and many more. 

Calling black people in America African Americans is wrong, in my understanding. It gives the criminal white supremacist mind the idea of doing wrong to black people. They are not Africans any more. They’ve been living here, along side white people, for 400 years. 

Black and brown Americans have had at least the same share in building this country, and maybe more so, than white Americans. Haven’t they arrived at the same time and done the all hard, difficult work? 

And all Angels of the Great God aren’t white either. We make them white in our imagination. If angels exist we should imagine them with different colorS.

That is the reality. And if we think this way it may change human stupidity and nonsensical behavior in regards to our treatment of the human race and each other.

Please be advised, we must use this opportunity and the people’s frustration to make drastic, major, reasonable changes to the law. Stop killing and committing crimes against innocent black people.

Otherwise all the lives lost  (Trayvon  Martin, Tamir Rice, Ahmaud Arbery, and many more, will be for nothing. We certainly do not want that to happen: enough is enough! Change is long, long over due.

I wish demonstrators all over the USA start celebrating the lost one’s lives, even by dancing in the streets and expressing their feeling in this manner—why not?

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Coronavirus: symptoms and seeking help? The CDC Website

“With the novel coronavirus continuing to spread around the globe, health experts are emphasizing the importance of seeking medical advice if you notice any symptoms—by calling 811 (911 in the US) or your local health professional first before going to a clinic or hospital…” (Yahoo News)

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Also, the management of Face Activities asks you to reconsider the elbow bump as a greeting during these trying times. Though it’s suggested as an alternative to the handshake to minimize physical contact, you must still make physical contact and stand too close (within the recommended three foot safety margin.)

Instead, we recommend making a gesture that suggests the idea of a handshake or sincere greeting, but without the proximity or physical contact of the elbow bump. Perhaps clasping both of your hands to mimic a hand shake, or bowing with palms together, as is a tradition in India?

What ever you choose, keep up frequent hand washing, and social distancing. We wish you health and happiness in these challenging times.

The The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website has an enormous amount of important information on the Coronavirus outbreak, and how to stay as safe and healthy as possible. We recommend visiting and taking a look.

Visit the CDC Website for more information

Tragic Death of Kobe Bryant

We at Face Activities mourn the tragic loss of athlete, sportsman and entrepreneur Kobe Bryant, and his daughter, in an aviation accident. Our hearts go out to his family, friends, and fans.

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Immigration reform: Attention Nancy Pelosi!

Dear Madam Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, United State’s Congress:

The management team of Face Activities and I would like to congratulate you on regaining the Speakership. We hope you continue to be a major advocate for improving the lives of Americans, including immigration reform. And We believe by working in a bipartisan manner, we can achieve success.

The immigration system in the United States is broken and needs major reform. I have some ideas that may help to facilitate this reform process, if they are accepted and utilized by congress:

  1. Immigrants already here for more than 5 years can apply for these reforms, and there will be a two  to three year time frame to complete this process.
  2. The details of immigration reform, which were written by the legendary Senators Kennedy and McCain, need some changes that would benefit everyone.
  3. Regarding current illegal immigrants, it is unrealistic to send up to 15 million people out of the United the States. So instead, charge adult immigrants, who haven’t committed any crimes, $8,000.00 for their green card in three installments, and only grant them legal status after the full payment has been made. Also, in households with children, charge the children $3,000 each, with the same payment plan. But for those who have committed crimes, they must return to their country of origin immediately. So, these payments would serve as fines for those who are here illegally. That’s far more practical than forcing them to go back to their native country and then return to the U.S. after waiting in line. As we are all aware, that’s not at all practical and can cause endless difficulties for undocumented individuals and their families. And it also strains the American Bureaucracy. 
  4. The U.S. can generate billions of dollars for the government by charging these immigrants $8,000.00 during the above mentioned window of opportunity of up to three years.
  5. With this significant revenue increase Homeland Security can hire more staff to process more immigration paper work, thus creating more jobs and more revenue for border security.
  6. This will cause a boom in the economy, and a better economy will result in even more jobs available to Americans, and the applicants too. And Americans shouldn’t fear losing their jobs either, since after immigration reform passes, any available jobs for the same profession should first go to American citizens, not recent immigrants.
  7. One of the most important elements of legalization, which will tremendously decrease the amount of fear and tension among American citizens, is for members of the House of Representatives to be in bipartisan agreement on this key issue: Individuals and families who are already here and then obtain their legal status as citizens should not be given permission to provide citizenship for their parents. Everybody fears that if that happens, it will financially bankrupt Medicare and Medicaid. This is very important: Parents of these new immigrants can come to visit but should not permanently come to get green cards and citizenship.
  8. In the interests of bipartisanship, the Democrats should seriously consider giving President Trump $5 billion for border security, to spend as he sees fit, which amounts to only about 0.11% of the federal budget.
  9. For the world-wide green card lottery, applicants all over the world should pay $300 to enter for each year they enter, providing additional income for the U.S. government to support the immigration system.
  10. The government needs to clearly state how many people we will accept as refugees and asylum seekers per year, so other countries will understand our nation’s limit.
  11. There should be no open borders, because border security is important, as everyone agrees, and the reformed immigration process should be enough to ensure proper immigration. Work authorizations can be issued on a temporary basis, for six months or a year, to accommodate foreign workers here for legitimate employers.

I believe that if these conditions become part of comprehensive immigration reform, then we have a chance for the reforms to pass. Otherwise, public opinion, especially among the many concerned American citizens, won’t allow a comprehensive reform to happen, and the bill will go to the archive once again.


Sherry Asstin & The Management Team of Face Activities


Photo: Public domain – Wikimedia Commons

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