Once again a terrible tragedy

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Once again a terrible tragedy unfolds in the United States, this time in Texas, but it could have been anywhere: one of the biggest school shootings of all time. 

The republican governor’s time would be well spent doing something, doing anything, to keep guns out of the hands of maniacs like the late 18-year-old shooter who bought over $7,000 worth of guns and ammunition on his birthday to prepare for his murderous spree. 

But sadly it won’t likely happen. Republicans, now basically the so submissive servants of the NRA, are staunchly against any reasonable form of gun control, despite 90% of the American People supporting such protective measures. 

No other civilized, modern nation has the problem of gun-violence, and particularly mass casualty events, that the United States has. The politicians, especially on the right, refuse to recognize that easy access to powerful guns is a contributing factor in these horrible crimes.

And without a change in laws and policies, the problem won’t go away on its own.

Beto O’Rourke, former congressman and Presidential candidate, vigorously challenged the governor at his press conference, admonishing him for doing nothing when another shooting, so common now in the U.S., was predictable (one happens somewhere n the country almost every week). 

More Americans need to stand up to challenge their leaders, like O’Rourke did, on this issue, to fix this serious gun problem, so more innocent people won’t die. 

And the greatest and most effective challenge happens at the ballot box. Americans can and must vote for leaders at all levels of government who will put sensible and effective anti-gun violence laws in place. 

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