Congressman and Iconic Civil Rights Leader John Lewis Dies at 80

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The nation mourns the tragic loss of veteran congressman and civil rights leader John Lewis.

Please enjoy this documentary about John Lewis’s life and achievements, as a tribute to his contributions and heroism.

But first, a heart-felt word from Face Activities’ Gill:

Yesterday we lost two icons of the civil rights movement: revolutionary figures John Robert Lewis and C.T. Vivian. It is a great loss for our country as a whole. 

They started the movement with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and endured much pain and sacrifice in order to eradicate segregation, and establish basic human rights, not only for black Americans, but for all whose rights were violated based on race, gender, or ethnicity, including blacks, whites and Native Americans.

Their work is not finished. The movement must continue until we secure proper human rights and dignity for all. 

Our eyes were full of tears when we heard of the passing of John Lewis. But many didn’t know that he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer six months ago. There are double standards in our media, Television, newspapers, and so on.

It’s good that TV stations right now are celebrating their lives, but it would have been nice if we got more news about his illness and condition, right along. 

We know that making money from ads is a major goal for television news, but it should not be so important that reporters and anchors regularly ignore the delivery of basic news to their audiences.

How many times has Donald Trump Tweeted something bad about Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden (24 hours a day / 7 days a week) ? Such stories make very good money for national and international TV news. But other types of news stories aren’t such money-making machines. And that is why they don’t get the real, necessary air time that they should.

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