The True Origins of Christmas

The True Origins of Christmas
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The modern Christmas celebration, as practiced in the world today, is often very commercial, but clearly at the heart of the holiday for devout Christians everywhere is a celebration to honor the birth of Jesus Christ, believed by billions to be the savior of mankind, and the son of God.

However, many of the traditions and trappings of the modern Christmas holiday predate the Christian era. Decorated Evergreen trees, gift giving, the stories related to Santa Clause, and much more, all have origins in ancient pagan Europe, in particular the Nordic nations of the far north.

This video is a fascinating account of the pagan origins of the Christmas holiday. So much of the symbolism and storytelling we are familiar with during the Christmas season originate in the solstice celebrations of Yule, observed in ancient pre-Christian Europe for thousands of years.

Photo: youtube (screen capture)

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