Terrorist Attack in St. Petersburg, on Metro

Terrorist Attack in St. Petersburg, on Metro
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The management team of Face Activities extends our sympathies to the victims of the terrorist attack in St. Petersburg, Russia, and their families. Such acts of criminal cruelty are unconscionable, and have no place in our world. 

Monday an explosive device was detonated on a metro train in the Russian city of St. Petersburg, causing the deaths of at least 10 people, and injuring dozens more. Another explosive device was found at a different station following the attack, but was diffused before detonation. This outrage appears to be an act of terrorism, but so far no groups have taken responsibility for the crime.

The explosion occurred inside the train’s car, when it entered a tunnel. The train’s driver continued to the next station rather than stopping, which investigator’s believe may have saved lives by facilitating access to emergency personnel.

Dmitry Medvedev, Russia’s Prime Minister, called the incident “a terrorist act,” and Russian President Vladimir Putin said that all possible causes were being investigated.

Learn more about terrorist attack on St. Petersburg Metro (CNN)


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