Book Review: Building Heaven, a novel by Andrew Osborne

Book Review: Building Heaven, a novel by Andrew Osborne
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Our latest volunteer, Jenny, offers a brief review, and hearty recommendation, for Andrew Osborne’s debut novel, Building Heaven, which has received 5 star reviews on both Amazon and the San Francisco Book Review. Osborne is an Emmy Award-Winning writer screen writer, who’s just published his first novel, an existential romp through the after life. Jenny is a lover of the arts, especially music, a hopeless liberal, existentialist, wife and Mom:


Building Heaven by Andrew Osborne is an existential thriller which explores the afterlife. The main character, Peter Herlinger, lies in a coma five years after a car crash in which his whole family was killed. In this state he experiences the afterlife and leads the reader on an amazing journey. If you wonder about what happens after death, is there a soul, or is there a heaven this unusual novel might be for you!

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