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Breaking world news
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A Scientist Explains: What Is NX Nerve Agent and How Does It Work?“The substance that could be responsible for the death Kim Jong-nam, the half-brother of the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, was the VX nerve agent, according to preliminary reports from Malaysian police…” (Science Alert)

Humans Are Driving a New Burst of Evolution – Including Possibly Our Own“The unprecedented impact that humans are having on the planet is well known to us all. Scarcely a day passes by without a media report or two on the effects of human economic activity on the world’s climate or some charismatic species under threat because of illegal wildlife trade or logging…” (Science Alert)

Australian children’s author Mem Fox detained by US border control: ‘I sobbed like a baby’“Australian childrens’ book author Mem Fox has suggested she might never to return to the US after she was detained and insulted by border control agents at Los Angeles airport…” (The Guardian)

Revealed: thousands of children at London schools breathe toxic air“Tens of thousands of children at more than 800 schools, nurseries and colleges in London are being exposed to illegal levels of air pollution that risk causing lifelong health problems, the Guardian can disclose…” (The Guardian)

A profitable business
Chaos and despair in Brazil’s prisons (Le Monde diplomatique)

Corb, architecture’s great dictatorLe Corbusier’s 1924 plan for Paris would have obliterated its historic heart to build a totalitarian ‘radiant city’. Life in it would not have matched the dream. (Le Monde diplomatique)

A ‘Ring of Fire’ Eclipse Is Happening This Sunday – Here’s How to Watch
“This Sunday, parts of the Southern Hemisphere will witness a spectacular ‘Ring of Fire’ eclipse, as the Moon moves between us and the Sun and blocks it almost entirely from view, save for a burning outer ring…” (Science Alert)

Average Life Expectancy Is Expected to Pass 90 for the First Time Ever
“…A recent study has crunched the numbers on 35 industrialized countries from around the globe, and found their future populations will be living longer than today’s – in South Korea’s case, potentially climbing as high as 90…” (Science Alert)


Photo: By Nikodem Nijaki (Own work) – CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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