Breaking news from around the world

Breaking news from around the world
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China orders GPS tracking of every car in troubled region
“Security officials in China’s violence-stricken north-west have ordered residents to install GPS tracking devices in their vehicles so authorities are able to keep permanent tabs on their movements…” (The Guardian)

Revealed: Kim Jong-nam was gripped by fear and paranoia, says friend
“Kim Jong-nam spent his last few years highly paranoid, hiding from the regime run by his dictator half-brother while struggling with a sense of powerlessness over the fate of his homeland, according to people who knew him…” (The Guardian)

British Muslim teacher denied entry to US on school trip
“A British Muslim schoolteacher travelling to New York last week as a member of a school party from south Wales was denied entry to the United States…” (The Guardian)

Shadier side to Trudeau’s sunny ways
“Justin Trudeau looks and sounds progressive, especially now that the world is turning to extreme or restrictive forms of nationalism. But he’s not what he seems…” (Le Monde diplomatique)

The candle revolution
“South Koreans have been demonstrating for more than three months against President Park. Following her suspension in December on corruption charges, they now want far-reaching change…” (Le Monde diplomatique)

No more two-state solution
“After Donald Trump took office, Israel announced the construction of 6,000 new settler homes. Now Trump has warned Binyamin Netanyahu such building ’may not be helpful’ for peace. Israel’s far right demands more than building: it wants to annex the Palestinian territories…” (Le Monde diplomatique)

Jet mid-air scare: 1 pilot slept, other on wrong frequency
“Satellite-based communication prevented the ‘incommunicado’ Jet Airways Mumbai-London flight with 330 passengers on board from getting into more trouble over German skies when it was intercepted by fighter jets+ last Thursday for not responding to air traffic control (ATC) calls. In fact, ‘alert’ crew of another Jet flight just ahead of this one came to the rescue of the out-of-reach crew of the flight from Mumbai (9W 118)…” (The Times of India)

Delhi police teach girls to fight trouble
“Delhi Police on Monday launched Sashakti, an initiative where girls would be trained in easy-to-learn-and-use self-defence techniques across the capital. Delhi Police aims to train over 1 lakh (100,000) girls and women under the programme…”(The Times of India)

Woman thrashes Odhav cop in public for indecent proposal
“In a massive embarrassment for the state police which is responsible for enforcing the recently tightened prohibition laws, assistant sub inspector Amrutji Khatuji of Odhav police station was publicly thrashed for teasing a woman while drunk. The cheering public shamed the ASI and encouraged the harassed woman, a vegetable vendor in Thakkarnagar, to slap the cop and drag him by his uniform on to the road…” (The Times of India)


Photo: By USAF [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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