Pop star George Michaels dies at 53

Pop star George Michaels dies at 53
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90s pop star George Michael died over the weekend, of heart-failure, at 53. He rose to fame as a member of the pop group Wham, then enjoyed a long solo career. He garnered much buzz in the tabloids over his sex life and drug use, but the press largely ignored his humanitarian work, which we are now learning was substantial. Regarding his musical work, fans remember him for his charisma, sex appeal, joyful musical delivery, and a string of pop hits with catchy tunes that many people grew up listening to.

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And perhaps most important of all, Michael was also a quiet but dedicated philanthropist, which may be his greatest contribution to his fellow man. He volunteered at homeless shelters, made many large donations to charities, and direct contributions to help specific individuals in need. But he always did his best to keep his generosity out of the public eye. Over the years he donated millions to charities benefitting children and contributing to the fights against cancer, AIDS, and much more.

Michaels often put on free concerts to help causes he valued, like one benefitting nurses, after his mother died, whom he felt were undervalued in our society. Reports of George Michael’s epic kindness are rolling in, now that he has passed away.

Learn about George Michael, and his great generosity (NPR)



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