Truck kills 12 at Berlin Christmas Market. Terrorism?

Truck kills 12 at Berlin Christmas Market. Terrorism?
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The Face Activities management team is appalled by the loss of life and the terrible injuries sustained by innocent people that just occurred in Berlin, Germany. If this turns out to be a terrorist attack, and it does look like it’s shaping up that way, then we condemn it in the strongest terms possible. We urge the community of decent nations to continue to strive for a world that’s free of such brutality and cruelty.


In a terrible, tragic event, which was possibly a terrorist act, a large truck was driven through a Christmas Market in Berlin, killing 12 and injuring 49. The truck had Polish plates and was registered to a Polish company. The investigation is ongoing, and still in its early phase, but a suspicious man was arrested near the scene.

Christmas Markets are extremely popular commercial events throughout Germany. Retailers set up booths in an open area patronized by consumers, who enjoy shopping, buying and eating food, and drinking beverages during the Christmas season. These markets are magnates for lots of ordinary folks just looking to enjoy themselves. They would be a prime target for terrorists to attack, and France has announced that it will increase security on its own Christmas markets. If this tragedy in Berlin is a terrorist attack, it is strongly reminiscent a similar one in Nice France, over the summer, during a Bastille day celebration, which killed 86.

Truck drives through German Christmas Market, killing 12 (NPR)



Photo: By Mtaylor848 (talk) – Own work (Original text: I created this work entirely by myself.), CC BY-SA 3.0, Link (Note: Photo is of a different Christmas Market.)

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