Courageous clown, champion of children, killed in Aleppo air strike

Courageous clown, champion of children, killed in Aleppo air strike
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A young clown who entertained children in Aleppo, Syria has tragically died in an air strike.

The Syrian city of Aleppo struggles under the yoke of war, barraged by frequent air strikes. The city’s people live in terror from day to day in this war-torn region. Under these harsh conditions, our hearts go out to the children of Aleppo, whose lives should be filled with innocence and wonder, but who suffer the indignities of war. But for a brief time a wonderful, warm-hearted hero was their champion.

When most were concerned for their own survival and well-being, which is perfectly understandable in such a place, Anas Al-Basha, just 24 years of age, dressed in costume and applied the make-up of a clown, to perform for the local children with music. He distributed candy and tried to make their lives better, working for a local relief organization. He selflessly and joyfully offered them at least a brief respite from the trauma of constant violence, and a return to the wonder of childhood they deserved. But cruel realities tend to return with a vengeance. On Tuesday death rained down from the sky, and his young life ended in an air strike in a rebel-held neighborhood of Aleppo, according to his brother.

His death, an example of so called “collateral damage,” is emblematic of the kind of tragedy that occurs constantly in wars across the globe. Non combatants, innocents, even children, are routinely slaughtered in wars, during air strikes and artillery barrages, all over the world, as governments, paramilitary and terrorist groups vie for dominance and control of territory. It’s been happening for years, in fact, for centuries. It must stop. But it won’t, until the people of the world, and the leaders of the nations, join together to learn how to solve serious political and social problems peacefully.

Learn about the clown who brought joy to children, dead at 24 (CNN)



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