Fidel Castro, former Cuban leader, dies at 90

Fidel Castro, former Cuban leader, dies at 90
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Fidel Castro, the fiery Cuban Revolutionary who lead rebels from the mountains of that Island nation against the Battista government to seize power, ushering in a 50-year-long reign of communist rule, has died. Known for his signature green military fatigues and beard, Castro ruled Cuba with an iron fist after seizing power, relinquishing control to his brother Raul only after ill-health, in the form of an intestinal ailment, forced his hand, in 2008.

The United States lead a long-standing boycott of the small caribbean country, which President Obama lifted during his second term in office. Cuban expatriates, and U.S. politicians, were highly critical of Castro’s communist regime, calling him a dictator, and citing human rights abuses and a political system inimical to democracy.

Learn more about the late Fidel Castro, former leader of Cuba (Reuters)



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