Internal Controversy at FBI Over Clinton Investigations

Internal Controversy at FBI Over Clinton Investigations
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The FBI is experiencing rough times as field agents question Director Comey’s decisions regarding Hillary Clinton. Agents are concerned that Clinton has been protected for political reasons, while Comey and the FBI’s administration are concerned that field agents may have partisan reasons in mind for wanting to continue investigating Clinton vigorously, and career advancement goals as well.

In July Comey recommended to the Justice Department that Hillary Clinton’s ill-advised home-based e-mail server didn’t warrant a criminal indictment, and recently he wrote a letter to congressional leaders explaining that the Clinton e-mail probe had been re-opened when additional e-mails were discovered during a probe into disgraced congressman Anthony Weiner. Rank and file FBI agents weren’t happy with either situation. And agents feel stymied on their desire to investigate the Clinton Foundation for the way it handled the contributions of donors.

If Director Comey is acting in a partisan manner, he is doing a poor job of it. His actions in July angered Republicans, and his recent actions angered Democrats. One may disagree with Comey’s decisions, which do break with some established precedents at the FBI and Justice Department, but there’s no evidence they aren’t made on principle. However, that hasn’t stopped agents at many branch offices from criticizing him sharply.

Learn about the controversy brewing at the FBI over Hillary Clinton (CNN)



Photo: By Federal Bureau of Investigation – Extracted from PDF version of a DNI 100-day plan followup report (direct PDF URL here)., Public Domain, Link

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